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Med Terms C

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "C"

cac/o- bad
cal- pebble, stone or calcium
calcane/o- calcaneus
calc/i- lime, stone or calcium
-capnia- carbon dioxide
carb- carbon, coal
carcin/o- cancer
cardia- heart
cardi/o- heart
cari- decay, cavity
carp/o- carpals (wrist bones)
cata- down
caud- tail
cec/o- cecum
-cele- herniation, protrusion
celi/o- abdomen
cellular- cell
centa- one hundred
cephal/o- brain, head
-centesis- surgical puncture to aspirate fluid
cerebell/o- cerebellum
cerebr/o- brain, cerebrum
cervic/o neck, neck of the cervix
cheil/o- lip
chem/o- drug, chemical
chlor/o- green
chol/e- bile, gall
chol/o bile, gall
cholangi/o- bile duct
choledoch/o- common bile duct
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
chori/o- chorion
chrom/o- color
chondr/o- cartilage
-cide- kill
-cie- small, little
circum- around
cise- cut
-clasis- break down
-clasia- break down
-clast- break down
clavic/o- clavicle
clavicul/o- clavicle
-clysis irrigation, washing
co- with, together
coccus(I for pl)- round, spherical form of bacteria
colla- glue
col/o- large intestine
colon/o- large intestine
colp/o- vagina
com- with, together
con- with, together or opposite
coni/o- dust
conjunctiv/o- conjunctiva
contra- against, opposite
core/o- pupil
corne/o- cornea
cor/o- pupil
coron/o- heart
cortic/o- cortex or outer layer of a gland
cost/o- rib
crani/o cranium, helmet, skull
cribr- sieve
-crine- to secrete
crist ridge
-crit- to separate
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
cubital- elbow
cubit/o- elbow
culd/o- cul-de-sac
cut- skin
cutane/o- skin
cyan/o- blue
cyes/i- pregnancy
cyes/o- pregnancy
cyst- sac
cyst/o- bladder
-cyte- cell
cyt/o- cell
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