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Med Terms A

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "A"

a- without, absence of
ab- from
abdomin/o- abdomen
-able- capable
-ac- pertaining to
acr/o extremity
acou/0 hearing
ad- toward, to
aden/o- gland
adenoid/o- adenoids (tonsils, filters air)
adren/o- adrenal gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
adip- fat
aer- air
af- toward
-al- pertaining to, expressing a relationship
alb- white
albumin/o- albumin (white protein found in egg white)
-algia- pain
alges/i oversensitivity to pain
aliment- food
alveol/o- alveolus (air sac found in lungs)
amb/i- both
ambul- walking
amni/o- amnion (bag of water fetus develops in)
amnion/o- amnion (bag of water fetus develops in)
an- without, absence of
ana- up, back, apart
andr/o- male
angi/o- vessel
ankyl/o- stiff, crooked, bent
an/o- anus
ante- before
anti- against
antr/o- antrum
aort/o- aorta
-apheresis- removal
apo- from
aponeur/o- aponeurosis
append/o- to hang from, appendix
appendic/o- appendix
-ar- pertaining to
arche/o- first, beginning
aria- air
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
-ary- pertaining to
-ase- referring to an enzyme protien
-asis, -asia- state or condition of
-asthenia- weakness, lack of strength
astr/o- star
at- to
atel/o- imperfect
ather/o- fatty plaque
atresia absence of a normal opening, occlusion or closure
atri/o- atrium
audi/o- hearing
aur/i- ear
aur/o- ear
aut/o- self
ax- axis
azot/o- urea, nitrogen
Created by: gemmagrover