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Sport med c1

haney Sport Med C1

Whast is athletic training? The prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitaion of athletic injuries.
What is NATA? National Athletic Trainers' Association
When starting up an athletic training program the BOC's most important function is? Finding a team physican.
What should a sports medicine team include? Athletic trainer, coaches, athletic training students, parents and athletes.
What are some duties of team physican? Supervising pre-participation physicals and medical histories, clearing of players to return to activity after injury.
What is a ATS. Athletic training student.
How does a ATS benefit? They learn proper technquies and acquire knowledge and care for facilities and athletes.
What basic certification must a ATS obtain. First aid and CPR.
What are some other allied health/sports medicine personnel? cardiologist, chiopractor, dentist.
How are athletes a part of the sports medicine team? they follow rules and instructions, and use technquies taught.
Who holds the responsibilities if there is no BOC certified althletic trainer? the coaches
Where is the traditional site for BOC certified athletic trainers? College/University site.
What is the major difference between high school and college site. College has a bigger staff and more athletes involved in the sport.
What are some supplies that should be kept for athletic training kits? adhesive white tape. band-aids. CPR mask. Cell phone. elastic wraps. scissors. gloves.
Athletic training practice domains include... prevention, clinical education and diagnosis. immediate care. treatment, rehabilitation & recondintioning. organization and administration. prfessional responsibility.
Created by: mhtgroup
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