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art of asia

adobe a building material made of sun-dried earth and straw
calligraphy the art of fine handwriting
loom a frame or apparatus used for weaving thread or yarn into fabric
mosque a Muslim place of worship
origami the Japanese art of folding paper into various objects
porcelain a type of fine white clay
stupa a domed structure that holds relics of the Buddha or important Buddhist leader
symmetry the quality of an artwork in which both sides of a central line are the same or nearly the same
wa-shi a type of Japanese paper made from fibers of the gampi tree warp the vertical threads or yarn on a loom or in a weaving
Yoruba major ethnic group in southwest Nigeria
arabesque in Islamic art, a decorative floral motif characterized by long, flowing, curved vines, tendrils, and other plant forms that overlap, spiral, and are often symmetrical
glyph pictures or symbols that stand for words or ideas
mihrab a decorated niche in an Islamic mosque that marks the direction of Mecca minaret a tall, slender prayer tower erected at Islamic mosques
warp the vertical threads or yarn on a loom or in a weaving
Buddhism a major world religion founded about 500 B.C. by Siddhartha Gautama in India
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