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C Flight Terminology

Cruises, Descents, WTD, Aldis Lamps

FAST CRUISE 170 KIAS Clean Approx 750-800ft lbs
NORMAL CRUISE 150 KIAS Clean Approx 600-650ft lbs
SLOW CRUISE 120 KIAS Clean approx 450-500ft lbs
NORMAL CLIMB 120 KIAS Clean MAX Allowable Power (1015ft lbs, 695 degrees C) Attitude: Cowl Seam on Horizon
ENROUTE DESCENT Normal Cruise Airspeed, 150KIAS 300 ft lbs
FAST CRUISE ENROUTE DESCENT Fast Cruise Airspeed, 170 KIAS 300 ft-lbs
DOWNWIND CONFIGURATION 100KIAS Gear DOWN Flaps UP Power as required (500-550ft lbs) Landing Lights - ON
LANDING APPROACH CONFIG (LAC) 90 KIAS Gear DOWN Flaps DOWN Power as required (Approx 600ft lbs) Landing Lights - ON
ALDIS LAMP - STEADY GREEN (ground and flight) Ground: Clear to Takeoff Flight: Cleared to Land
ALDIS LAMP - FLASHING GREEN (ground and flight) Ground: Cleared to Taxi Flight: Return for Landing (followed by steady green at the proper time to tell you to land)
ALDIS LAMP - STEADY RED (ground and flight) Ground: Stop Flight: Give way to other aircraft and continue circling
ALDIS LAMP - FLASHING RED (ground and flight) Ground: Taxi clear of runway Flight: Do Not Land
ALDIS LAMP - FLASHING WHITE (ground and flight) Ground: Return to starting point on airport Flight: NOT USED IN FLIGHT
ALDIS LAMP - ALTERNATING RED AND GREEN (ground and flight) Ground and Flight Both: General Warning Signal, Exercise Extreme Caution
ALDIS LAMP - RED PYROTECHNIC (ground and flight) Ground: NOT USED ON THE GROUND Flight: Not withstanding any previous instructions do not land, waveoff immediately
1 Wingtip Distance Tip of wing
3/4 Wingtip Distance Outboard Aileron Hinge
2/3 Wingtip Distance Middle Aileron Hinges
1/2 Wingtip Distance Fuel Cap
1/3 Wingtip Distance Fuel Cell Access Panel, Inboard of Fuel Cap
1/4 Wingtip Distance Between wingroot and fuel access panel (aka the double row of rivets)
Created by: twinsfan
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