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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of Stomach Points

A+E of ST 4 IP for facial pralysis, pain, neuragia; Treats sense organs: salivation, twitching eyelids, mouth ulcers
A+E of ST 6 IP for *jaw problmes*, toothache,TMJ, paralysis, Bell's Palsey; Clears heat for Yang Ming HA, mumps
A+E of ST 8 *Good for all types of HA* esp frontal; Benefits the eyes- twitching, eye pain, blurred vision, sore eyes with excessive tearirng
A+E of ST 18 MP for breast disorders *mastitis*, and chest fullness and pain- bronchitis
A+E of ST 25 *MP for intestinal problems*: diarrhea, constipation, abd distension and stagnation, for acute/chronic; hot/cold, excess/deficient; GP for regulating menstruation, resolves damp and dampheat
special Job of ST 18 Great Luo of the Stomach
special job of ST 25 Front Mu of Large Intestine
A+E of ST 28 Dispels Dampness *UTI* - MP for fluid stagantion in lower jiao; MP for gyn. disorders generally for excess; it is dispersive
ST 28 is level with what Ren Pt Ren 4
A+E of ST 29 MP for cold def. condtitions affecting the urogenital system for men and women. MP for cold deficient menstrual disorder, infertility etc. GP to move blood due to cold. MP for uterine or vaginal prolapse; MP for male genital pain or weakness
ST 29 is level with what Ren Pt? Ren 3
A+E of ST 34 MP for acute stomach pain adn upset. GP for *mastitis and breast pain* - on ST channel; GP for leg and knee pain
A+E of ST 35 Mp to treat all knee problems "calve's nose"
Other name of ST 35 Xiyan
A+E of ST 36 Build Qi and Blood; MP to build Wei Qi; MP for all digestive problems; MP for constipation with qi def or stagnation; Calm spriit; brings Qi down; MP for breast problems; Invigroates circulation in lower leg
A+E of ST 37 MP for intestinal disoders from cold, heat, def, excess, damp-heat *explosive diarrhea**appendicitis*; IP for lower limb pain, swelling,weakness, paralysis
Special job of ST 39 Lower he sea of Small Intestine
A+E of ST 38 GP for coldness and pain on legs, and especially shoulder pain *pn and motor impairment of shoulder*
A+E of ST 39 GP for lower abdo pain, breast pain, urinary heat, diarrhea *numb/paralysis in lower extremities*
A+E of ST 40 *Transforms phelgm-dampness* - asthma, cough, HA, chest fullness; Dispels stagnation and transforms Phlegm; Helps lower limbs
A+E of ST 41 GP for ankle problems. GP for abdo distenstion , consipation; Calms sprit and sedates rebellious Qi
A+E of ST 43 *Edema of face and eyes*, borborygmus, abdo pain, swelling of pain and feet (dispers swelling)
A+E of ST 44 *Clears strong heat* in ST channel. stomach fire. MP for toothache, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, breast pain; Regulates spleen and stomach; Calms sprit
A+E of ST 45 clears heat from st channel; GP for pain from heat or stagnation at end of ST channel: *facial swelling, *deviation of the mouth* eyes, face, teeth, gums, throat, HA
how many pts on stomach ch? 45
where does st ch start/end? starts: under eyeends: lateral side of 2nd toe
st 3 sp connects yang motility and st ch
st4 mtng pt of ST & LI w/ yang motility and ren vess
st 9 e sore throat, asthma, goiter, dizziness, flushing of the face
st 12 e hiccups, hodgkins dz
st 30 e swelling and pn in external genitalia, hernia, dysmeorrhea, irreg menses, running piglet qi
st 3 e treats most nasal problems, inc: swelling and epistaxis
st 37 primary fx dispel cold and damp in lower limbs
Created by: nesaherbal