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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of Bladder Points

A+E of BL 1 MP eye dz, expel wind, clear heat: blurred vision, night blindness
A+E of BL 7 IP for *nose*, nasal congestion, sinisitus; GB for pain or paralysis of the face, dizziness, vertigo, HA; GP for neck pain, neck lumps
A+E of BL 10 clear wind, ben sensory organs: MP for stiff neck pain, occipital HA. GP for eyes, ears, nose and throat; Release exterior (wind-cold)
Special Jobs of BL 10 Sea of Qi pt
A+E of BL 11 Benefits the bone: good for bone or joint problems; Releases exterior and expel wind: good for Lung problems- cough, fever, HA, throat pain, wheezing, asthma
Special Jobs of BL 11 Hui Meeting pt of Bone
Special Jobs of BL 13 Back Shu of Lung
A+E of BL 12 secondary back shu of LG, Release the exterior and expels wind for early stage cold and flu; GP for neck stiffness and pain, chest and back pain; Treats skin problems-hives, itching, acne on shoulder or upper back *common cold*
A+E of BL 13 MP for all Lung Problems; Tonify Lung QI and Yin, Helps with the lung descending and disseminating fluids; Lung controls skin -GP for skin disorders: Lung is connected to grief *cough*
Special Jobs of BL 15 Heart Back Shu
A+E of BL 15 MP for all heart, blood, circulatory problems: excess or deficiency. MP for all spirit problems; Clear heart fire and heat- heat in blood or phlegm fire affecting the heart: IP for night sweats from Heart Yin def.
Special Jobs of BL 17 Diaphragm Back Shu; Hui MP of Blood
A+E of BL 17 *all blood disorders*: Regulates blood: def, excess, heat spleen def. Benefits the diaphragm-relaxes diaphragm to restore deep breathing. GP to vommitting, hiccup. MP for blood stasis caused stomach cancer
Special Jobs of BL 18 MP for liver organ pathology *chron/acute Hep*; MP for damp heat in liver; MP for abdo masses from blood stasis; MP for eye problems: pain, itching, dryness; GP for QI stagnation emotions
Special Jobs of BL 19 Gall Bladder Back Shu
A+E of BL 19 MP for Damp Heat in Lv and GB for hepatitis, gall stones, flank pain, bitter taste in mouth. Helps with those that have problems making decisions. GP for eye disorders
A+E of BL 20 MP for all spleen problems-qi, yang def, sinking qi, dampness, holding blood in; MP for diabetes; IP for anorexia; GP to dispel dampness
Special Jobs of BL 20 Back Shu of Spleen
special job of BL 21 Stomach Back Shu
A+E of BL 21 MP for all ST problems. Good for food stag., rebellious Qi; MP for dissolving accumulations and lumps in abdo
special job of BL 23 Kidney Back shu
A+E of BL 23 MP for *tonifying KD* yang; MP for tonification in chronic diseases: GP for all urinary problems; for male and female sexual problems; helps KD grasp LU Qi; KD water quells heart fire; KD yin helps nourish LV yin; GP for chronic ear diseases, *LBP*
special job of BL 25 Large intestine back shu
A+E of BL 25 MP for all intestinal problmes; MP for acute and chron LBP
special job of BL 27 Small Intestine Back Shu
A+E of BL 27 Assists SI separate pure from inpure. Most often used for damp heat urinary problems
A+E of BL 31 IP for Gyn disorders with menstrual problems, infertility, prolapse, impotence, spermatorrhea; For cold weak LBP
A+E of BL 32 urinary prob. back pain during labor
A+E of BL 33 GP for LBP, constipation, urination
A+E of BL 36 MP for pain in buttock, sacrum and leg pain; GP for hemorroids or sciatic
Special Job of BL 39 Lower He Sea of TW
A+E of BL 39 Regulates water ways: incontinence or retention of urine; edema; dysuria; GP for leg and calf pain
Special Job of BL 40 He Sea/Earth Pt of BL channel
A+E of BL 40 *MP for LBP*, sprains, strains, spasm; MP for sciatica, knee problems; MP for cearing and draining heat for heat stroke or summerheat; MP for damp heat of skin. GP for coma, stroke, seizures; GP for abdominal pain for heat in ST; Regulates fluids for ur
A+E of BL 43 MP for tonifying weakness and def for exhaustion, fatigue; MP for lung and UW def; Strengthens heart and calms spirit
BL 43 is level with what back shu Pericardium Back Shu
Special Job of BL 52 Outer back shu of Kidney
A+E of BL 52 Tonifies KD and reinforcing BL 23; strenthens jing, yin, yang. GP for edema in LW; GP for LBP
A+E of BL 57; between 2 gastrocnemius bellies MP for *hemorrhoids* from excess or def.: MP for *calf cramps*; IP for upper and LBP
What back shu is BL 52 level with? KD back Shu
A+E of BL 58 BP for chronic LBP, *sciatic*, neck stiffness; occipital HA due to exterior wind; GP for nosebleeds, stuffy nose; Calms the spirit, bi synd, *rheumatoid art*
A+E of BL 60; JIng River PT *aspirin* MP for taiyang HA, stiff neck, occipital HZ, eye pain. MP for chronic LBP. For any type of pain around the foot or ankle. Produces Labour
Special EV Job of BL 62 Master Pt of Yang Qiao coupled with SI 3
A+E of BL 62 int & ext wind *epilepsy* HA, back ache
A+E of BL 65; Shu Stream/Wood pt sedation pt *any HA* For mania, Depression HA, stiff neck, LBP, Leg pain
A+E of BL 67 *For breech postion with moxa*; also for heat in eyes, feet, for HA, nosebleed
which pt is the most important bladder pt for the nose? BL 7
which pt is the MP for stiff neck and shoulders? BL 10
which pt is the MP for occipital HA BL 10
which pt is the MP for any bone or joint problem? BL 11
which pt is the MP for releasing the exterior? BL 12
which pt is the MP for expelling exterior wind? BL 12
which pt is the GP for expelling wind from skin rashes? BL 12
which pt is the MP for cough, asthma and wheezing? BL 13
which pt is the MP for palpitations, angina, heart pain? BL 15
which pt is the MP for anxiety, stress, poor memory, insomnia? BL 15
Which pt is the MP for taiyang HA? BL 60 the Jing River
Which pt is the MP for chonic LBP? BL 60 the JIng River
Which pt is the MP for calf cramps? BL 57
Which pt is the MP for tonifying weakness and deficiency, for fatigue? BL 43
Which pt is the MP for acute LBP? BL 40 He Sea
Which pt is the MP for clearnign and expeling wind dampness adn summerheat? BL 40 HE Sea
Which pt is good at regulating the water ways for edema? BL 39, The TW lower He SEa
Which pt is good for treating retention of urine, dysuria, edema? BL 39, The TW lower He SEa PT
Which pt is an IP for GYN disorders including dysmennorhea and prolapse? BL 31 (1st liao)
Which pt is the MP for damp heat urinary disorders? BL 27, SI Back Shu
ub 2 sinus allergies, sinus ha, hayfever
UB 30 morbid leukorrhea
gb 35 hemorrhoids, clear damp heat
UB 44 outer back she of HT, unbinds chest, shen dist, emotions
Created by: nesaherbal