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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of the Lung Points

Lung 1 Front Mu of Lung Meeting pt. of LG & SP
Lung 7 confluent pt: Ren Mai
Lung 9 influential pt. of VESSELS
lung 1 e Fullness in the chest; GP for dispersing Phlegm heat; For acute or chronic excess Lung conditions
Lung 5 e *coughing blood* General function of draining heat in most cases: Good for deeper LU problems; For chest fullness *phlegm*; GP for difficulty inhaling, asthma;
Lung 6 e Acute Lung and blood problems: acute cough, asthma, reckless bleeding; attack of wind-heat or wind dryness. *moistens lung*
Lung 7 e Relieve exterior esp wind-cold; Open lungs and regulates Lung Qi: *asthma*, SOB, cough; Yin Qiao/Ren Mai: genitourinary disorders, opens throat; helps Lung to spread Yin to the skin: heat or dryness of skin; neck rigidity and face problems *desc.fxn.of LG
Lung 9 e *Tonify Lung Qi and Yin*: MP to transform mucus in chronic conditions, MP for def Lung Yin with dry throat, Lung Qi Def; Tonfiy Zong(gathering) Qi; harmonizes 100 vessels
Lung 10 e MP for Lung heat- any inflammation in Lung or throat
For phlegm Heat use what Lung pt Lung 5
For dry heat use what Lung Pt Lung 6
For severe sore throat use what Lung Pt Lung 11
For yellow phlegm with chest pain and heat in Lung what Lung Pt would you use? Lung 1
For cough with yellow phlegm, asthma, pleurisy, deeper problems, what lung pt would you use? Lung 5
For Pain in the chest, acute sore throat, tonsillitis, what lung pt would you use? Lung 6
For wrist pain, neck rigidity, sore throat, what Lung pt would you use? Lung 7
To treat a chronic Lung problem due to deficiency and to stop cough, what Lung Pt would you use? Lung 9
For sore throat, bronchitis, laryngitis, heat in the palms, what Lung Pt would you use? Lung 10
For nosebleed, severe sore throat, what Lung Pt would you use? Lung 11
Lung 11 e Revives from fainting or collapse; MP for tonsillitis and *severe sore throat*.
LG 3 window of sky pt.
how many pts on the LG channel? 11
LG channel pathway? starts: inside shoulderends: lateral side thumb
Created by: nesaherbal