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Masterpieces Final

Who directed Singin' in the Rain? Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
Who directed Modern Times? Charles Chaplin
Who directed Sunset Boulevard? Billy Wilder
Who directed Psycho? Alfred Hitchcock
Who directed The Bicycle Thief? Vittorio De Sica
Who directed The Graduate? Mike Nichols
Who directed Run Lola Run? Tom Tykwer
Who directed Murder on a Sunday Morning? Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Who directed Citizen Kane? Orson Welles
Who directed Amelie? Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Which film(s) show examples of intellectual montage? The Graduate
Which film(s) show examples of film noir? Sunset Boulevard
Which film(s) show examples of red color motif? Run Lola Run
Which film(s) are shot at 18 frames per second? Modern Time
Which film is an example of Italian Neo-Realism? The Bicycle Thief
Which film(s) showcase non-actors? The Bicycle Thief and Murder on a Sunday Morning
Which film(s) use a bird motif? Psycho
Which film(s) use deep focus? The Graduate
Which film(s) use a shock cut? Citizen Kane
Which film(s) use examples of CGI? Amelie
Which film(s) use black and white color motif? The Graduate
Which film(s) are an example of Revisionist Cinema? The Graduate
What is nondiegetic sound? Any sound the actors can hear: Dialogue, ambient sounds, and music within the scene *NOT soundtrack*
What is an auteur? A director who's work speaks for itself. Work is consistently good and recognizable. They are the presumed author of the film.
What is a macguffin? An object that propels the plot of the story, but is either abandoned by the main characters, or the audience does not find closure in.
Created by: MasterPieces