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Johnny Tremain01

Mason Member of a worldwide secret society, whose purpose is mutual aid and fellowship. "Spy's are part of a Mason."
Allay Put a rest, quiet. "An allay is similar to a treaty."
Garrulous Talking too much; talkative "Sometimes Johnny is garrulous."
Maudlin Sentimental in a weak silly way; tearfully silly. "I felt maudlin as he fell to the floor."
Lassitude Lack of energy; weariness "Battle on foot without food makes you feel lassitude"
Queue A line of people, automobiles, etc. "The British fight in a queue
Qualm Momentary feeling of faintness or nausea. "As i was about to fire, a qualm feeling overcame me."
Punctilious Very careful and exact; paying strict attention to details. "When you are a spy you need to be punctilious."
Animosity Keen hostile feelings; dislike. "Johnny's animosity towards dove is resolved."
Sundry Several, various. "There are sundry ways to fight."
Vain Without effect or success. "A tie is vain."
Invincible Unable to be conquered; impossible to overcome. "We thought the British were invincible."
Lithe Bending easily, supple. "This rubber band is lithe."
Created by: D4NC3F0R3V3R