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CLS 308 - Herpes, EBV, CMV, VZ, and HIV

List the viruses in the Herpes Virus group Epstein-Barr Cytomegalovirus Herpes Simplex Varicella-Zoster
What are the characteristics of the Herpes virus? DNA viruses. Replicate in the nucleus of the cell.
What diseases are caused by Epstein-Barr? Infectious Mono Burkitts Lymphoma Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma B-Cell lymphoma
What are the symptoms of Infectious Mono? Fever, Fatigue, Sore Throat, Swollen Lymph nodes
What are the EBV specific antibodies? Anti-VCA (viral capsid antigen) Anti-EA (early antigen) Anti-EBNA (epstein-barr nuclear antigen)
What antigens can be tested in EBV? EA-R (early antigen restricted) EA-D (early antigen diffuse) VCA - (viral capsid antigen) MA- (membrane antigen) EBNA- (epstein-barr nuclear antigen) EBNA-1 LYDMA- (lymphocyte determined membrane antigen)
How is Cytomegalovirus transmitted? Saliva Sexual contact Parenterally Blood/Organ transplants
What are the clinical manifestations of CMV? Encephalitis Retinitis Pneumonia Gastroenteritis
What is the immune response for CMV? IgM is produced against early infection. IgG peaks at 2-3 months CD8 and NK cellular response
What testing is done for CMV? ELISA - Confirm RIA IHA
What are the types of Herpes Simplex? HSV-1 and HSV-2
How is herpes transmitted? Sexually or mother-to-infant
What is the lab diagnosis of HSV-1 and HSV-2? Culture Immunofluorescence PCR DNA probes ELISA Latex Agglutination
What is the Tzanck Smear? Stain lesion material with Sedi or Wrights stain. Examine for multinucleated giant cells
What is the problem with using a Tzanck smear? It does not distinguish between HSV-1 and HSV-2, nor does it differentiate Vericalla-Zoster. It is just a screening test.
What is Primary Varicella-Zoster? Chicken Pox
What is secondary Varicella-Zoster? Shingles
What is the lab diagnosis of V-Z? Culture Tzanck smear ELISA PCR
How is HIV transmitted? Unprotected sex Sharing needles Mother-to-fetus Infected Blood products
What are the immunological manifestations of HIV? Slight decrease in CD4 T-cells p24 appears 6 weeks ab are detected
What are the clinical symptoms of HIV? Mono-like symptoms for 6-12 weeks Latent period up to 10 years Chronic lymphadenopathy "Full Blown" AIDS
How is HIV replicated? HIV attaches to the host CD4 antigen receptor on T Cells, macrophages, monocytes, B cells, and GI cells. Monocytic line serves as a reservoir.
What are the structural genes of HIV? p15, p17, p24, p7, and p9 gp160, gp20, gp41 p66, p51, p31
What are the regulator genes of HIV? VPU codes for p16 NEF codes for p27 TAT codes for p14 VIF codes for p23
Created by: ashley_west16