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study cards for Elgin Elementary

The Artist Gris is from what nation Spain
Peasant Woman Carrying Two Bundles of Hay is painted in a style called... Romantic
In which art history period did genre paintings first become a popular subject for art Baroque
Which period included still lifes, landscapes, and everyday life Baroque
The style of painting that influenced Feininger's art is called... Cubism
Name a painting that is considered a group portrait Portrait of Mrs. Jelf Powis and Her Daughter
Flowers in a Black Vase was created with... pastels
The depth or distance we seem to see in a painting is called perspective
a work that uses symbols, often human forms, to stand for ideas or to convey messages allegory
the artistic ingredients painters use to create a painting art elements
that part of a painting that seems farthest away from the view background
a painting or the fabric stretched over the frame canvas
a type of landscape painting that features scenes of streets, buildings, and other city features cityscape
pairs of colors that are farthest away from each other on the color wheel, and are most different from each other complementary colors
how individual art elements, like light, color, lines, and shapes work with each other and as a whole to form a complete painting composition
a comparison that draws attention to the differences between things contrast
a style where artist take a familiar object and break them down into cubes and triangles cubism
the part of the painting that seems closest to the viewer foreground
the three-dimensional shape of an object, shown traditionally in painting through variations fo light and dark paints or by gradual shading of color form
a painting of ordinary people engaged in common everyday activities genre paintings
a painting that tells a story about important people or important events history and legend painting
a painting of an outdoor view that features large areas of natural scenery landscape
the feeling or emotions an artist wants viewers to experience when we look at a painting mood
colors such as black, white, tan, and beige, which have neither a warm nor a cool effect in painting neutral colors
the illusion of depth or distance perspective
the position from which the viewer sees objects in a painting point of view
a painting of a person, usually one formally posed and looking out of the painting portrait
red, yellow, and blue colors that cannot be maek by putting other colors together primary colors
something that repeats and creates a kind of pattern rhythm
colors like green, purple and orange made by combining primary colors secondary colors
a painting of objects that do not move still life
something that stands for or suggests an idea symbol
the way an object feels on its surface when you touch it texture
colors such as red, yellow, orange, and others that we associate with worm temperatures warm colors
A Roemer with Grapes, a Pewter Plate and a Roll van Beyeren
Deer in the Forest Bonheur
Bottom of the Ravine Cezanne
Still Life with Leg of Lamb Chardin
The Purple Shawl Couse
Haystack Mountian Durand
Portrait of a Clergyman Durer
Manhattan II Feninger
Girl with a Pearl Necklace: Portrait of Rosalie Fragonard Fragonard
Saint John the Baptist and the Beggar El Greco
The White Tablecloth Gris
Personification of Astrology Guercino
Idlers Hennings
Casting in the Falls Homer
Untitled #31 Hood
Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus Kauffman
Saint Jerome in his Study Lippi
The Game of the Cooking Pot Longhi
Dalet Kaf Louis
Brioche with Pears Manet
The Madonna of Humility Masaccio
Mary, Queen of Heaven Master of Saint Lucy Legend
The Ark Miller
Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome Panini
A Pastoral Concert Pater
Peasant Woman Carrying Two Bundles of Hay Pissarro
Still Life Porter
Flowers in the Black Vase Redon
Portrait of a Young Woman Rembrandt
Portrait of Mrs. Jelf Powis and Her Daughter Reynolds
A French Magistrate of Requests Rigaud
Jeanne Pissarro van Rysselberghe
Anton Francesco degli Albizzi Sebastiano
Sheerness as seen from the Nore Turner
Edge of the Emerald Pool, Yellowstone Twachtman
The Annunciation Veronese
Bougival Vlaminck
The Immaculate Conception Zubaran
Created by: sarahbethtx