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a. history part 2

part 2

won the second battle of bull run south
two people who fought in shiloh tennessee albert sidney johnson and ulysses grant
bloodiest confrontation of war battle of antietam
provides 30,000 acres of US land to each state to establish colleges morrill land-grant college act
gives land at minimal cost in the west the homestead act
becomes a law on january 1, 1863, freeing slaves in rebel-controlled territory emancipation proclamation
also known as Tom Thumb charles stratton
defeats fighting joe hooker at chancellorsville lee
was accidentally shot by his own troops stonewall jackson
lost his min in pickett's charge george pickett
surrendered vicksburg to grant pemberton
leads his pro-confederate troops on raids on lawrence kansas william clark quantrill
becomes the basis for the movie "glory" charleston, sc
defeats william rosencrans at chickamaugua georgia braxton bragg
sinks the confederate ship Alabama off France Kearsarge
burns atlanta, marches to sea, and takes savannah william tecumseh
takes mobile bay farragut
defeated McCleallan for presidency lincoln
confederate capital richmond
first confederate capital montgomery, alabama
where lee surrenders to grant appomattox court house
assasinated at ford's theatre lincoln
was watching this play when he was assasinated our american cousin
assasinated lincoln john wilkes booth
17th president andrew johnson
is captured near irwinville, georgia jefferson davis
patents the cylinderlock linus yale
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