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A. history 3

quiz bowl

Seminoles were routed by Zachary Taylor
published "Concord Hymn" Emerson
applies for a patent for his telegraph machine Samuel Morse
forced removal of cherokee indians from georgia to land west of the mississippi trail of tears
wrote Democracy in America Tocqueville
first college to be a coed college and first college to admit blacks Oberlin College
oberlin college located in... Ohio
invents process for vulcanizing rubber Goodyear
ends with the boundary decided between Maine and New Brunswick Aroostook War
make the first photographs in the US Morse and Draper
invents the rules for basketball in Cooperstown, NY Doubleday
9th president; "tippecanoe and tyler too" Harrison
first whig president Harrison
dies a month into his presidency because of pneumonia Harrison
Brook Farm was set up by __________ as a utopian community at west roxbury massachusetts Ripley
wrote The Blithedale Romance Hawthorne
adjusts the Maine-New Brunswick border and settled the US Canadian boundary between Lake Superior and Lake of the Woods Webster Ashburton Treaty
nicknamed "the pathfinder" John C. Fremont
invents the sewing machine Elias Howe
he takes over the American Museum in New York, filling it with relics and living exhibits P.T. Barnum
published Memorial to the Legislature of Massachusetts Dorothea Dix
sent the message "what hath God Wrought?" first telegraph message sent by Morse
11th US president Polk
first "dark horse" canidate Polk
had the slogan "54-40 or fight" Polk
mod in Carthage, IL kills this man Joseph Smith
becomes the first president to wed while in office to julia gardiner John Tyler
wrote that it is the nation's "manifest destiny" to extend its borders west John O'Sullivan
lives on Walden Pond for 2 years Thoreau
published essay in 1854 Walden
nicknamed Old Rough and Ready Zachary taylor
would have set up $2 million for the settlement of border disputes with mexico and kept slavery out of any territory aquired by war with mexico Wilmont Proviso
uses ether as anesthetic at Harvard Medical School Dr. William Morton
defeats mexicans at vera cruz and later occupies mexico city unopposed Winfield Scott
was on the first 5 cent stamp benjamin franklin
was on the first 10 cent stamp george washington
religious group headed by Brigham Young mormons
is paid $100 for "Oh, Susana" Stephen Foster
ends mexican war and gives the US most of the present day southwest Treaty of Guadalupe
12th president Taylor
industrial utopia in Oneida, NY founded by... John Noyes
discovers gold at suitors mill James Marshall
held a convention for women's rights at Seneca Falls, NY Mott and Stanton
refused to pay taxes which were going to support slavery and the war with mexico Thoreau
publishes Civil Disobedience Thoreau
becomes the first female physician Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
13th president Fillmore
last whig president Fillmore
calls for federal jurisdiction over runaway slaves and prompt return of slaves to southern owners Fugitive Slave Law
says "id rather be right that be president" Henry Clay
admits california as a free state, and new mexico and utah territories have no restrictions on slavery Compromise of 1850
patents updated version of the sewing machine Isaac Singer
14th president Franklin Pierce
opens japan to foreign trade matthew perry
adds nearly 30,00 square miles of territory in the southern parts of present day arizona and new mexico the gadsen purchase
applies for patent on evaporated milk gail borden
allows settlers in territories to choose between free soil and slavery kansas-nebraska act
first republican canidate for president fremont
15th president buchanan
lays out new york's central park Olmstead
rules that the missouri compromise is unconstitutional dread scott v sanford
print lithographs of american life Currier and Ives
nicknamed the "little giant" stephen douglas
drills the first oil well Edwin Drake
large silver strike in virginia city, nevada became to be known as the comstock load
captured by robert e lee john brown
composes "dixie" dan emmett
first republican president lincoln
his forces surrender at fort sumter beauregard
head of the union forces McClellan
becomes a hero in the south at the first battle of bull run; nicknamed stonewall Thomas Jackson
says "there is jackson standing like a stone wall" bee
writes battle Hymn of the republic Julia Howe
fight in the first battle of the ironclads monitor and merrimac
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