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Word Within Word V.1

Word Within the Word V.1 Units 1-10

ANTE before
ANTI against
BI two
CIRCUM around
COM together
CON together
DE down
DIS away
EQUI equal
EXTRA beyond
INTER between
INTRA within
INTRO into
MAL bad
MIS bad
NON not
POST after
PRE before
SEMI half
SUB under
SUPER over
SYN together
SYM together
TRI three
UN not
ARCHY government
ARD always
CIDE kill
ICIAN specialist
ITIS inflamation
AQUA water
AUDI hear
BELL war
CAP take
CISE cut
BIO life
AUTO self
PORT carry
SCRIB write
LOGY science
DICT say
CRED believe
CENT one hundred
NEO new
AD ad
MISS send
CENTRI center
HOMO same
SPEC look
DUCT lead
FER carry
PEND hang
MICRO small
HYDRO water
PHOTO light
PAN all
PENTA five
TELE far
VID look
OMNI all
EX out
POLY many
RE again
HYP under
PSEUDO false
NEURO nerve
TOMY cut
HEMA blook
PROTO first
PHON phon
MONO one
VIV life
DEBARK to get off of a ship or airplane
DEBAUNCH to lead astray morally
DEBRIS rubbe or fragments
DECLIVITY a downward slope
DEFALCATE to embezzle funds
DEFEASIBLE that can be undone or voided
DEFOLIATE to strip of leaves
DELIQUESCE to melt down
DEMURE modest or affectedly modest
DENIZEN an inhabitant
DEPRAVITY wickedness
DERACINATE to pull up by the roots
DERIDE to ridicule
DEROGATE to detract
DESPERADO an outlaw
PEREMPTORY dictatorial or imperious
PERAMBULATE to walk through
PERENNIAL perpetual
PERDITION damnation
PERFIDY trechery
PERFUSE pour over
PERMEATE penetrate and spread throughout
PERPETRATE to do evil
PERNICIOUS destructive
PERORATION conclusion of a speech
PERSEVERATE pathological persistence
PERSIFLAGE flippant style
PERFORCE necessarily
PERMUTATION radical rearrangement
PERPEND to ponder
PERQUISITE a privlege or benefit of title
PERTURBATION disturbance
MORPH shape
VEST clothes
BENE good
POND weight
CORP body
DORM sleep
PATER father
NOV new
PUNCT point
JECT throw
TION act or state
LOCO place
DOX opinion
AMPHI both
MAGN great
EU good
ENDO within
ORTHO straight
PUT think
VER true
MATRI mother
MEGA large
POP people
SANGUI blood
ANTIBODY protein that neutralizes and antigen
ANTICLIMAX a ludicrous conclusion
ANTICLINE an upward bend in rock strata
ANTICOAGULANT drug that prevents clotting
ANTIFEBRILE reducing fever
ANTIHERO an untraditional protagonist
ANTILOGY a contradiction
ANTIMATTER opposite particles
ANTINOMIAN belief in faith alone
ANTIPATHY strong dislike
ANTISEPTIC preventing infection
ANTIVENIN an antitoxin for venom
ANTONYM an opposite word
ANTONOMASIA the use of epithets
ANTIDOTE a poison remedy
ANTINOVEL a radical novel
ANTIPODE the exact opposite
ANTIMACASSAR a small cover for a chair back
ANTISCORBUTIC a remedy for scurvy
ANTILABOR opposed to unions
ANTIBALLISTIC an antimissle missle
VITA life
DEMO people
STEREO solid
ISM doctrine
COGN know
SUR over
ALTER other
ASTR star
DYNA power
CHRON time
HYPER over
LUNA moon
OCTA eight
GYRO turn
CONTRA against
GEO earth
TETRA four
METER measure
SCOPE look
SON sound
DEC ten
STELL star
AMAT love
DIACHRONIC of changes over time
DIADEM a crown
DIACRITIC a diacritical mark
DIALECT local speech
DIALOGUE conversation
DIAGNOSIS identifying disease
DIAGEOTROPISM growing along the earth surface
DIANOETIC logial rather then intuitive
DIASTEMA a gap between teeth
DIAPHORETIC increasing perspiratrion
DIAPAUSE delay in growth
DIATONIC 8-note scale wtihout intervals
DIASTOLE dilation of the heart
DIARTHROSIS a free-moving joint
DIATHERMIC letting heat pass through
DIAGENESIS changein sedimetns
DIAPHRAGM the midriff
DIATHESIS a predispostition to a disease
GERM vital or related
GREG group
MAR sea
PRIM first
PYRO fire
CLAM cry out
PLU more
TANG tough
LIBER free
JUNCT join
CLUD close
SE apart
TRIB pay
DIGN worthey
LUC light
RUPT break
GRAT pleasing
MEDI middle
SOPH wisdom
CURR run
MIGR wander
TRANS across
GAMY marriage
OBLATE flattened at the poles
OBITUARY notice of death
OBLIVIOUS forgetful
OBLIQUE evasive
OBNOXIOUS to blot out
OBSCURANT very offensive
OBSECRATE one opposed to enlightenment
OBSOLETE no longer in use
OBTUSE slow to understand
OBVIOUS evident
OBCULT concealed or estoric
OPPONENT an adersary
OPPRESS to tyrannize
OPPUGNANT antagonistic
OBBLIGATO indispensable
OBOVOID egg-shaped
OBLATION a sacrifice
OBSTINATE stubborn
NUMER number
FORT strong
OSTEO bone
POLIS city
FUS pour
SPIR breathe
DIA across
ACR sharp
ACRO high
CULP blame
DERM skin
ZO animal
PER through
PAC peace
BREV short
NECRO death
URB city
PUGN fight
ECTO outer
PLASTO molded
AGOG leader
CLE small
IL not
ADAPT to adjust
AD INFINITUM to infinity
ADJACENT adjoining
ADDUCE cite as proof
AD NAUSEAM to a disgusting extreme
AFFINITY close relationship
AFFLUENCE rich abundance
AGGLUTINATE stick together
ALLEGE to claim without proof
ALLEVIATE to lighten
ANNUL to invalidate
ANNEX to incorperate
ARRIVISTE an upstart pervenu
ARROGATE to clai unrightfully
ACCESSION attaining
ADJURE to entreat solemnly
ADSCITITIOUS added externally
ADVERTENT attentice
ADVERSE opposed
ADJUNCT a secondary addition
AD HOC for a special purpose
SED sit
LEG read
ANIM mind
TORT twist
NYM name
SANCT holy
META change
PETR rock
MIR wonder
MAN hand
RECT right
VOLV roll
DEMI half
RETRO backward
SENS feel
FY make
OCUL eye
CUR care for
ULTRA beyond
OID appearance
GEST carry
APT fit
TAFT touch
VOC voice
RID laugh
REBATE to give back
REBUT to refute
RECALCITRANT defiant of authority
RECLUSE solitary person
RECOUP to get back
RECREANT a cowardly traitor
REDOUBT a stronghold
REDUX restored
REFECTION refreshment
REFURBISH to renovate
REJOINDER an answer
RELAPSE to fall back
REMAND to send back
REPLICATE a reproduction
REPATRIATE send to country of birth
REPUGNANT offensive
REPREHEND to reprimand
RETINUE assistants
RETENTIVE having good memory
REVIVIFY put new life into
PATH feeling
A not
NOMY law
FID faith
CACO bad
HETERO different
SCI know
GRAPH write
LAT side
LITH rock
TRACT pull
IN in or not
CO together
PHILE love
INE nature of
-AR relating to
HEXA six
FRACT break
PLATY flat
THEO god
FIN end
HEDRON sided object
AMBUL walk
OUS full of
TOPO place
PROCUMBENT lying face-down
PROGENY offspring
PROFUSE generous
PROGNATHOUS projecting in the jaw
PROLEPSIS anticipating
PROLOCUTOR a spokesperson
PROPITIATE to appease
PROPAGATE to breed
PRO RATA proportionate
PROPOUND to propose
PROSELyte a convert
PROVIDENT showing foresight
PROSPECT a vista
PRONOMINAL of a pronoun
PROPAEDEUTIC elementary instruction
PRO PATRIA for one's country
PROLOGUE introductory remarks
PROCRYPTIC having protective coloration
PRODIGY a genius
PED foot or child
MORT death
CARN flesh
PHYCH soul
ETHNO race or culture
GEN origin
NAT born
CURS run
CRYPT hidden
CAD fall
CAPIT head
LOQU talk
SACRO holy
UNI one
NESS quality
ALT high
ICS art
ISO equal
VERT turn
ATE cause
COR heart
ESS female
MUTA change
FUG flee
SUBCUTANEOUS beneath the skin
SUBDUCT to draw downward
SUBLUNARY under the moon
SUBLIMATE to express acceptably
SUBMONTANE at the foot of the mountains
SUBTLE not obvious
SUBVERT to overthrow
SUBSTRANUM foundation
SUBSTINENCE bare survival
SUBAQUEOUS underwater
SUBSERVIENT obsequious
SUBTRAHEND number subtracted
SURREPTITIOUS done in secret
SUFFUSE to fill with color
SUCCINCT brief and clear
SUGGEST to mention
SUFFOCATE to smother
SUSPEND to hang
SUSTAIN maintain
SUMMON order to appear
Created by: abbycz
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