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Ch. 5 Test

Ancient History Ch. 5 Test

A line of rulers belonging to the same family Dynasty
Officials who helped Han rulers govern the country and who were chosen for their abilities Mandarins
The Huang He was often called _______ because its many floods killed thousands of people and ruined harvests Chinas's Sorrow
Chinese picotgraphs done with fine strokes are called Characters
Special vessels used by the Shang to cook meat as a sacrifice were Tings
Winds that bring rain are called Monsoons
The Ch'in set up this type of system that gives a worker a job and then trains him for it Bureaucracy
A method of relieving pain by sticking needles into certain points of the body is called Acupuncture
The ancient Chinese used a bronze _______ to determine when and where an earthquake occurred Seismograph
T or F The ancient Chinese were the first people to use paper True
T or F Before the Silk Road opened, China traded heavily with other countries. False
T or F Ancient Chinese technology no longer influences our modern age False
T or F The Chinese used paper money True
T or F The Silk Road crossed many of China's natural boundaries True
T or F China has drifted away from its ancient philosophies about the family and education False
T or F Horses and certain fruits entered China as a result of the Silk Road True
T or F China's government policies are basically the same today as they were in ancient times False
T or F The teachings of Confucious were the most important ideas to come out of the Chinese Classical Age True
T or F The Chinese wrote on silk before paper was invented True
Created by: wnewton