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Quiz Bowl Social Sci

Social Scientists from the Culture Page Index

Brooks Adams, 1848-1927, (U.S.) historian, political theoretician; The Law of Civilization and Decay.
Henry Adams, 1838-1918, (U.S.) historian; History of the United States of America, The Education of Henry Adams.
George Bancroft, 1800-91, (U.S.) historian; wrote 10-volume History of the United States.
Charles A. Beard, 1874-1948, (U.S.) historian; The Economic Basis of Politics.
Bede (the Venerable) , c673-735, (Eng.)
Ruth Benedict, 1887-1948, (U.S.) anthropologist; studied Indian tribes of the Southwest.
Bruno Bettleheim, 1903-90, (Aust.-U.S.) psychoanalyst specializing in autistic children; The Uses of Enchantment.
Louis Blanc, 1811-82, (Fr.) Socialist leader and historian whose ideas were a link between utopian and Marxist socialism.
Leonard Bloomfield, 1887-1949, (U.S.) linguist; Language.
Franz Boas, 1858-1942, (U.S.) German-born anthropologist; studied American Indians.
Van Wyck Brooks, 1886-1963, (U.S.) historian; critic of New England culture, especially literature.
Edmund Burke, 1729-97, (Ir.) British parliamentarian and political philosopher; influenced many Federalists.
Joseph Campbell, 1904-87, (U.S.) author, editor, teacher; wrote books on mythology, folklore.
Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881, (Sc.) historian, critic; Sartor Resartus, Past and Present, The French Revolution.
Edward Channing, 1856-1931, (U.S.) historian; wrote 6-volume History of the United States.
Benedetto Croce, 1866-1952, (It.) philosopher, statesman, and historian; Philosophy of the Spirit.
Bernard A. De Voto, 1897-1955, (U.S.) historian; wrote trilogy on American West; edited Mark Twain manuscripts.
Ariel Durant, 1898-1981, & Will Durant, 1885-1981, (U.S.) historians; The Story of Civilization.
Emile Durkheim, 1858-1917, (Fr.) a founder of modern sociology; The Rules of Sociological Method.
Friedrich Engels, 1820-95, (Ger.) political writer; with Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.
Erik Erikson, 1902-94, (U.S.) psychoanalyst, author; theory of developmental stages of life, Childhood and Society.
John Fiske, 1842-1901, (U.S.) historian and lecturer; popularized Darwinian theory of evolution.
Charles Fourier, 1772-1837, (Fr.) utopian socialist.
Sir James George Frazer, 1854-1941, (Br.) anthropologist; studied myth in religion, The Golden Bough.
Edward Gibbon, 1737-94, (Br.) historian; wrote The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Francesco Guicciardini, 1483-1540, (It.) historian; wrote Storia d"Italia, principal historical work of the 16th cent.
Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679, (Eng.) philosopher, political theorist; Leviathan.
Richard Hofstadter, 1916-70, (U.S.) historian; The Age of Reform.
Russell Kirk, 1918-94, (U.S.) , social philosopher; The Conservative Mind.
Alfred L. Kroeber, 1876-1960, (U.S.) cultural anthropologist; studied Indians of North and South America.
Christopher Lasch, 1932-94, (U.S.) social critic, historian; The Culture of Narcissism.
Lucien L�vy-Bruhl, 1857-1939, (Fr.) philosopher; studied the psychology of primitive societies; Primitive Mentality.
Kurt Lewin, 1890-1947, (U.S.) German-born psychologist, studied human motivation and group dynamics.
John Locke, 1632-1704, (Eng.) philosopher and political theorist; Two Treatises of Government.
Konrad Lorenz, 1904-89, (Austrian.) ethologist; pioneer in study of animal behavior.
Thomas B. Macaulay, 1800-59, (Br.) historian, statesman.
Niccol� Machiavelli, 1469-1527, (It.) writer, statesman. The Prince, Discourses on Livy.
Bronislaw Malinowski, 1884-1942, (Pol.) considered the father of social anthropology.
Karl Mannheim, 1893-1947, (Hung.) sociologist, historian; Ideology and Utopia.
Karl Marx, 1818-83, (Ger.) political philosopher, propon-ent of modern Communism; Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital.
Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805-72, (It.) political philosopher.
George H. Mead, 1863-1931, (U.S.) philosopher, social psychologist.
Margaret Mead, 1901-78, (U.S.) cultural anthropologist; popularized field, Coming of Age in Samoa.
James Mill, 1773-1836, (Sc.) philosopher, historian, economist; a proponent of utilitarianism.
Perry G. Miller, 1905-63, (U.S.) historian; interpreted 17th-century New England.
Theodor Mommsen, 1817-1903, (Ger.) historian; The History of Rome.
Charles-Louis Montesquieu, 1689-1755, (Fr.) social philosopher; The Spirit of Laws.
Samuel Eliot Morison, 1887-1976, (U.S.) historian; chronicled voyages of early explorers.
Lewis Mumford, 1895-1990, (U.S.) sociologist, critic; The Culture of Cities.
Joseph Needham, 1900-95, (Br.) scientific historian; Science and Civilization in China.
Allan Nevins, 1890-1971, (U.S.) historian, biographer; The Ordeal of the Union.
Jos� Ortega y Gasset, 1883-1955, (Sp.) philosopher; advocated control by elite, The Revolt of the Masses.
Robert Owen, 1771-1858, (Br.) political philosopher, reformer; pioneer in cooperative movement.
Thomas (Tom) Paine, 1737-1809, (U.S.)
Francis Parkman, 1823-93, (U.S.) historian; France and England in North America, 1851-92.
William Prescott, 1796-1859, (U.S.) early American historian; The Conquest of Peru.
Pierre Joseph Proudhon, 1809-65, (Fr.) social theorist; the father of anarchism, The Philosophy of Property.
James H. Robinson, 1863-1936, (U.S.) historian, educator.
Carl Rogers, 1902-87, (U.S.) psychotherapist, author.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712-78, (Fr.) social philosopher; the father of romantic sensibility; Confessions.
Lee Salk, 1926-92, (U.S.) child psychologist, author.
Edward Sapir, 1884-1939, (Ger.-U.S.) anthropologist; studied ethnology and linguistics of some U.S. Indian groups.
Ferdinand de Saussure, 1857-1913, (Swiss) a founder of modern linguistics.
George Simmel, 1858-1918, (Ger.) sociologist, philosopher; helped establish German sociology.
B. F. Skinner, 1904-89, (U.S.) psychologist; behaviorism.
Jared Sparks, 1789-1866, (U.S.) historian, educator, editor; The Library of American Biography.
Oswald Spengler, 1880-1936, (Ger.) philosopher and historian; The Decline of the West.
Hippolyte Taine, 1828-93, (Fr.) historian; basis of naturalistic school; The Origins of Contemporary France.
A(lan) J(ohn)
Nikolaas Tinbergen, 1907-88, (Dutch-Br.) ethologist; pioneer in study of animal behavior.
Alexis de Tocqueville, 1805-59, (Fr.) political scientist, historian; Democracy in America.
Francis E. Townsend, 1867-1960, (U.S.) led old-age pension movement, 1933.
Arnold Toynbee, 1889-1975, (Br.) historian; A Study of History.
Heinrich von Treitschke, 1834-96, (Ger.) historian, political writer; A History of Germany in the 19th Century.
George Trevelyan, 1838-1928, (Br.) historian, statesman; favored "literary" over "scientific" history; History of England.
Barbara Tuchman, 1912-89, (U.S.) author of popular history books, The Guns of August, The March of Folly.
Frederick J. Turner, 1861-1932, (U.S.) historian, educator; The Frontier in American History.
Giovanni Vico, 1668-1744, (It.) historian, philosopher; regarded by many as first modern historian; New Science.
Izaak Walton, 1593-1683, (Eng.) wrote biographies; political-philosophical study of fishing, The Compleat Angler.
Sidney J., 1859-1947, and wife Beatrice, 1858-1943, Webb, (Br.) leading figures in Fabian Society and Br. Labour Party.
Walter P. Webb, 1888-1963, (U.S.) historian of the West.
Max Weber, 1864-1920, (Ger.) sociologist; The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
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