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What are the two main functions of microbiology laboratory? Diagnostic and Therapeutic
What is the definition of diagnostic, in terms of microbiology lab? Detection, isolation, and identification of agents and or immunoassay (serology)
What is the definition of therapeutic in terms of microbiology lab? antimicrobial susceptibility testing as a guide to appropriate therapy
What is the fundimental principle of antimicrobials and antimicrobial therapy? Selective toxicity
What are three categories of antimicrobials? antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral
What is meant by the optimal agent? the one with the narrowest spectrum of activity, fewest side effects, and lowest toxicity
What are seven things that a physician must consider when treating an individual patient? site of infection age status of liver and kidney pregnancy hypersensitivity idiosyncrasy drug interactions
What are four disadvantages to improper us of antimicrobials? toxicity hypersensitivity alteration of indigenous flora selection of resistant strains
What are the three purposes of antimicrobial susceptibility testing? initiation of appropriate therapy modification of existing therapy determination of susceptibility patterns in local environment
What are the methods that can be used in antimicrobial susceptibility? Broth dilution Agar diffusion
What does broth dilution yield? MIC value
What does agar diffusion yield? SIR value
What is an Antibiogram? a species susceptibility pattern
What is an antibiogram useful for? guiding to an empirical therapy
Kirby-Bauer is what kind of method used in antimicrobial susceptibility? Agar diffusion
What does SIR stand for? Susceptible/Intermediate/Resistant
What do you use to determine the SIR? the diameter of the zone of inhibition
What unit of measurement used in the zone of inhibition? mM
What does it mean if there is a colony within the zone of inhibition? There is a sub colony that is resistant to that antimicrobial
A zone has a fuzzy edge, what should be measured? just the clear edge, not the fuzzy area
MIC is used to determine what? the lowest concentration of drug that inhibits growth
When using a micro broth dilution for susceptibility testing, what do you look for to determine growth? Cell button on bottom
If there is no cell button on the micro broth dilution susceptibility test, what can be concluded? There was no growth or the microbe is susceptible to that concentration of the antimicrobial
What kind of agar is used in the kirby-bauer test? Meuller hinton agar
When interpreting SIR what does it mean if a microbial is S? MIC
When interpreting SIR what does it mean if a microbial is R? MIC > achievable level by usual dosage and schedule
What does MIC stand for? Minimal Inhibitory Concentration
When interpreting SIR what does it mean if a microbial is I? MIC >= expected level at site of infection by usual dosage and schedule, may respond to high dosage
Why is it important to take note of a intermediate? when there is no susceptible options
What is pseudomonus notorious for? Naturally resistant
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