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Intro to CAD Lesson2

Units 5 & 6 (Basic Shapes , Object Selection, & Symmetry)

Select Options Methods for selecting entities on the screen in AutoCAD
Entity The smallest predefined element in a drawing
Selection Set Allows you to group objects (entities) together for modification.
Window option Selects entities completely inside the box.
Crossing option. Selects entities inside the box as well as any it touches.
Remove option Changes from Select Objects to Remove Objects
Add option Changes Remove Objects back to Select Objects
Last option Selects the last entity you created.
Previous option Selects the previous selection set.
Fence option Draws a series of lines that selects any objects the line touches.
GRIPS Handles that allow you to select objects before applying the command.
CPOLY option Similar to a crossing box, but allows you to create an irregular shape polygon that selects all entities inside as well as any it touches.
WPOLY option Similar to Window, but allows you to create an irregular poly window around objects to be selected and selects only those completely inside.
All option Selects all entities within the drawing.
OOPS command Restores the previously erased object.
UNDO command Reverse the previous command(s).
REDO command reverses the previous Undo command.
Types of entities in AutoCAD Lines, Arcs, Circles, Dimensions, Text, Blocks, Points, Shapes, & Solids.
Verb/Noun Selection Technique Traditional method of selecting objects. Select a command, then select objects.
Noun/Verb Selection Technique Utilizes Grips to reverse this process. Selects entities first, then applies the command.
5 Commands Available using GRIPS Mirror, Stretch, Rotate, Move, and Scale
3 types of Symmetry Reflection, Rotation, Translation
Regular Polygon All sides are equal, internal angles are equal.
Pentagon 5 sided regular polygon.
Hexagon 6 sided regular polygon.
Octagon 8 sided regular poygon.
Inscribed Inside the imaginary circle.
Circumscribed Outside the imaginary circle.
Rectangle Opposite sides are equal, internal angles are 90 degrees.
Square All four sides are equal, internal angles are 90 degrees.
DONUT command Produces solid-filled or thick lined circles.
Radius 1/2 the diameter of a circle.
ARC continue option Continues an arc tangent to the previous arc.
ERASE command Deletes objects selected by the user.
Concentric Two or more circles that share the same center.
Eccentric Two or more circles that do not share the same center.
Command Alias Abbreviations that usually consist of the first 1-3 letters of a command name.
ESC key Cancels the previously selected command or action.
LINE command Allows you to draw a line in any direction.
ORTHO mode Forces a line to be drawn either horizontally or vertically.
Rubber-Band effect Stretching effect when drawing command is active that let's you see the arc, circle, line, etc., "grow" on the screen.
How do you re-enter the previous command? Space bar, Enter key, or Right-Mouse click.
Created by: tmurphy