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Mrs. Naumann's POS

Mrs. Naumann's Parts of Speech Review

Sentence/DefinitionPart of Speech
Grant WAS a diligent learner. Linking Verb
The lights flickered INSIDE the house. Preposition
TODAY is an unforgettable moment in history. Adverb
The restaurant smelled DELICIOUS. Adjective
The boys SPRINTED toward the finish line. Action Verb
We CAUTIOUSLY crept into the haunted house. Adverb
The PRANK was a horrific idea. Noun
NEVER before had I felt so alone. Adverb
As we crawled THROUGH the passageway, I began to feel apprehensive. Preposition
OUR goal was to gather enough evidence for a petition. Pronoun
The PRICE of freedom is worth more than we'll ever know. Noun
When you step ONTO the stage, you begin to feel like a star. Preposition
The silence FELT like a slap in the face. Linking Verb
Word that describes a noun Adjective
Word that is a person, place, thing, or idea Noun
Word that takes the place of a noun Pronoun
Word that shows action Action Verb
Word that links the subject to the predicate Linking Verb
Word that shows relationship, often spatial, of one word to another Preposition
Word that names a specific person, place, thing, or idea Proper Noun
A noun that is intangible and cannot be seen, felt, touched, etc. Abstract Noun
The rides at KING'S ISLAND are exhilarating. Proper Noun
The MYSTERIOUS stranger slithered through the alley. Adjective
This IS the longest I have ever studied for a test. Linking Verb
She TICKLED the baby until he was laughing hysterically. Action Verb
Her FEAR of rejection cages her like a bird. Abstract Noun
I am ready to rock this grammar TEST. Noun
I rushed AROUND the corner to locate the next clue. Preposition
Ian is ONE of the best players on the soccer team. Predicate Nominative
The grand prize on Survivor was a million DOLLARS. Predicate Nominative
The new principal is very PERSONABLE. Predicate Adjective
The mother of ten felt TIRED. Predicate Adjective
Miss Peller is my best FRIEND. Predicate Nominative
Kyle handed MAGGIE the bowl of grapes. Indirect Object
I sent my MOM a willow tree angel for Mother's Day. Indirect Object
We watched a PERFORMANCE of The Diary of Anne Frank. Direct Object
Kyle swung the BAT with full force. Direct Object
They walked for MILES in the Flying Pig Marathon. Object of a Prepostion
Leah is having her second baby in AUGUST. Object of Preposition
Jake asked HIMSELF why he had stopped using his crutches. Reflexive Pronoun
Colleen baked the brownies HERSELF. Intensive Pronoun
THAT is Danielle's phenomenal art project. Demonstrataive Pronoun
WHO is the author of Treasure Island? Interrogative Pronoun
Mr. White received the whoo hundred pounds THAT he had wished for. Relative Pronoun
Was ANYONE suspicious of her? Indefinite Pronoun
A pronoun that refers to a person, place, or a thing that is not specifically named. Indefinite Pronoun
A pronoun (that, waht, which, who, whom, whose) that introduces a subordinate clause. Relative Pronoun
A pronoun that introduces a question (what, which, who, whom, whose) Interrogative Pronoun
A pronoun (this, that, these, those) points out a person, place, thing, or an idea. Demonstrative Pronoun
Pronoun that refers to the subject and idrects the action of the verb back to the subject. (Hint: it's needed for the sentence to make sense) Reflexive Pronoun
A pronoun that emphasizes a noun or another pronoun. (Hint- can be omitted and the sentence still makes sense) Intensive Pronoun
Created by: Mrs. Naumann



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