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Test 4

Test 4 review questions

Who is the advocate in Martha Snell Nicholson's poem? Jesus Christ, the Lord
Who tried to claim the king's horse as his own in "A Just Judge?" a crippled beggar
How did the boys get caught? The Skinners' new guard dog chased them home.
Who was assused of stealing the tarts? the Knave
Poetic Justice means? The appropriate rewarding of virtue and punishing of vice, especially done in a particularly fitting or ironic manner.
The perspective from which a story is told is called what? Point of View
Who wrote "My Advocate?" Martha Snell Nicholson
Who wrote "The Man without a country?" Edward Everett Hale
There was something stolen from Uncle Buscabeatas. What was it? 40 pumpkins
James Russell Lowell wrote what story? "The Present Crisis"
In "Retribution," the blank of God grind slowly/yet they grind exceeding small. What is the blank here? mills
What did Philip Nolan say he never wanted to hear again? the United States
In "Who Stole the Tarts," who said, "Oh, I;ve had such a curious dream?" Alice
Who wrote "Alice in Wonderland?" ("Who Stole the Tarts") Lewis Carroll
What kind of seed did Winn and Shan sow in a neighbor's strawberry patch? grass
In "The Present Crisis," who stands within the shadow keeping watch? God
The Algerian king named "Bauakas" disguised himself as a(n) what to see if reports about a certain judge were true? merchant
Who encouraged Philip Nolan to betray his country? Aaron Burr
What did Shan and Winn do when the dog started after them? ran away
What did Philip Nolan help the men onboard ship do? fire the gun
How was the Colonel's life saved in "The Death Disk?" Abby was the mean by which her father's life was saved. Abby became friends with Lord General Oliver Cromwell and she reminded him so much of his daughter that he told her that he would obey anything that she commanded. Abby demanded that he keep his prom
Who were the three witnesses in the court case? the Mad Hatter, the Duchess's cook and Alice
Where did the boys do the sowing in As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap?" in the Skinners' strawberry patch
Who planned and instigated the sowing? Shan's cousin, Winn
Which juror did Alice take a pencil away from and then later turn upside-down? Bill, the lizard
What happened to Alice's body as the court case proceeded? It grew very quickly
What is the title of the girl in "The Death Disk?" Abby
To whom did she give the disk? her father, Colonel Mayfair
What did she ask her father to do to show that he was sorry that he was sorry for teasing her? tell a "dreadful" story
Who was the man without a country? Philip Nolan
In "Retribution," to what act is the justice of God compared? the grinding of a mill
What did the judge accept from the king? the king's praise
Where did Philip Nolan live for over fifty years of his life? on military ships
What did Nolan do to occupy his scheduled time? read, kept scrapbooks and studied science
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