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Greek / Latin Roots

Greek and Latin Roots

Greek: fear, aversion, dislike, unexplained terror phobe, phobo, phobia
Greek: like, love, friendly to, attraction, no hate or dislike phile, philo, phil
Greek: shade, shadow skio, ski, skia, scia, scio, sci
Greek: light, radiant energy photo, phot
Latin: one, single uni
Greek: finger, toe dactyl
Latin: finger, toe digit, digiti
Latin: sword gladi
Greek: sword xipho, xiph, xiphi
Latin: night noct, nox, nocti
Latin: shine, light, torch lumen, lumin, lum
Latin: shadow, shade umbra, umbro, umbr
Greek: twilight, darkness, gloomy, shadow lygo, lyg
Greek: ground, soil, earth pedo, ped
Latin: foot, feet podo, pod, poda
Greek: know, knowledge, wisdom, wise soph, sopho, sophic
Latin: teaching, learning, apprentice discip
Greek: no, not, absence of, without, lack of a, an
Latin: no, not, nullify, deny, refuse neg, ne
Greek: move, movement, set in motion cine, cinem, cinemat
Greek: move, muscular activity kin, kine, kino, kinesi, kineto
Latin: move, set in motion, moving mobil, mobi, moto, mot
Latin: two, twice, double bi, bino, duo, du, bin, bis
Greek: two, second deutero, deuter, deut
Greek: three, thrice tri, tre
Latin: nothing, not one, none nul, nulli, null
Created by: Felicis