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miscellaneous causes of disease

miscellaneous causes of disease weak constitution, over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, bad diet, trauma, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment, drugs
weak constitution by and large, the constitution of a human being cannot be changed. For example the immense power and stamina of certain of today's athletes is not only a matter of training, but also of constitution, and those who are born with a relatively weak
weak constitution-2 constitution can never hope to attain those outstanding athletic abilities. However, a person's constitution is not entirely fixed and immutable. It can be changed and improved within certain limits. A healthy and balanced lifestyle, together
weak constitution-3 with breathing exercise to develop one's Qi can lead to an improvement in constitution. As we know, essence which is the basis of our inner strength and health is not immutable, but is constantly replenished by Qi. Whilst it is quite easy to weaken
weak constitution-4 one's constitution through inadequate rest, excessive work or excessive sexual activity, by taking care to achieve a balance in one's life it is possible to some extent to build up a weak constitution.
causes of weak constitution parent's health in general as well as parent's health at the time of conception. parent's age-older the mother is as conception, the more likely the child will have a poor constitution. events surrounding pregnancy (emotional stress, drugs, medicines,
causes of weak constitution-2 alcohol, smoking. A severe shock to the mother during pregnancy will affect the constitution of the baby, particularly it's heart. This is often manifested with a bluish tinge on the forehead and on the chin
facial features indicating weak constitution narrow forehead, thin cheeks, flat sunken, low and narrow lower jaw, eyes, nose, ears and mouth closer together, area b/t cheek and front of ears narrow, flabby muscles & loose skin
facial feature indicating a strong constitution broad forehead and gabella, full cheeks, strong lower jaw, well-proportioned eyes, nose, ears & mouth, normal complexion with luster, firm muscles and skin
effects of overwork in relation to Qi and Yin the question of balance b/t activity and rest affects Qi directly, whenever we work or exercise we are using up Qi. whenever we rest, Qi is restored. There are two levels of Qi to be considered here
effects of overwork in relation to Qi and Yin-2 1)Qi(post heaven) which is formed by the St & Sp from food on a daily basis, is constantly replenished, and provides the energy for daily activities. 2)Yin substances, which being the foundation & nourishment of the body, determine
effects of overwork in relation to Qi & Yin-3 our basic body nourishment and long-term resistance to disease. Overwork over many years is a major cause of Yin deficiency and particularly KD Yin deficiency. It may also lead to KD essence deficiency.
excessive physical exercise excessive physical work most often impacts the Sp and Lv. Excessive use of one part of the body will also cause stagnation of Qi in that part. For example the constant repetitive movement that may be associated with a certain job
excessive physical exercise-2 will tend to cause stagnation of Qi in that part. For example, the aching arm of a hairdresser or the aching elbow of a brick-layer. Look at SI line with wrist & elbow or any arm pain, etc.
lack of exercise lack of exercise is also a cause of disease. Regular exercise is essential for proper circulation of Qi. Lack of exercise will lead to stagnation of Qi and in some cases dampness. In particular exercises such as yoga or tai chi aimed at developing Qi
lack of exercise-2 rather than just the muscles are very beneficial and should be recommended to patients suffering from deficiency of Qi who do not have enough energy to undertake western-type exercises.
excessive sexual activity since ancient times excessive sexual activity has been considered a cause of disease b/c it tends to deplete the Kd essence. By excessive sexual activity is meant actual ejaculation for men and orgasm for women.
excessive sexual activity-2 sexual activities not culminating in orgasm are not thought to be depleting to the kidney essence. one can however define sexual activity as excessive if it results in marked fatigue, and even more so if it causes certain other specific symptoms
excessive sexual activity-3 such as dizziness, blurred vision, a lower backache, weak knees, and frequent urination. the importune thing to realize is that sexual activity should be adjusted according to age, physical condition, and even the seasons
sexual activity sexual activity should obviously be reduced if there is a deficiency of Qi or blood, and particularly a deficiency of kidneys. Many sexual problems, such as impotence or premature ejaculation often require first of all a decrease in sexual activity
sexual activity-2 chinese medicine also considers the circumstances in which sexual activity takes place. For example, having sexual intercourse in a state of drunkenness is considered to be extremely harmful to any resulting fetus. Catching a cold after sexual
sexual activity-3 can severely weaken Kd yang. As the energy of the KD is temporarily weakened after intercourse, it is important not to be exposed to cold at this time
men vs women sexuality there are also some important differences b/t m & w's genital physiology from a cm perspective. Men's sexual energy is more directly related to Kd-essence, women's sexual energy is more directly related to blood.
men vs women sexuality-2 the red field (Dan Tian) in men contains the room of essence, whereas in women it contains the uterus. It follows that ejaculation is a more direct loss of Kd-essence than orgasms for women(even though there is some loss of essence for women) as there
men vs women sexuality-3 is no loss of menstrual blood during orgasm for women
sexual desire sexual desire depends on the minister fire and a healthy sexual appetite indicates that this fire is abundant. when sexual desire builds up the minister fire blazes up and yang increases. orgasm is a release of such accumulated yang energy, and under
sexual desire-2 normal circumstances it is a beneficial discharge of yang Qi and it promotes the free flow of Qi. When sexual desire builds up, the minsiter fire is stirred, this affects the mind and the organs, specifically the heat and pericardium.
sexual desire-3 the heart is connected to the uterus via the uterus vessel, and the orgasmic contractions of the uterus discharge the accumulated yang energy of minister fire. when sexual desire is present but does not have an outlet in sexual activity and orgasm
sexual desire-4 the minister fire can accumulate and give rise to both blood heat and stagnation of Qi in the lower burner. This accumulated heat will stir the minister fire further and harass the mind, while the stagnation of Qi in the lower burner can give rise
sexual desire-5 to gyn problems such as dysmennorhea. although cm is mostly concerned with excessive sexual activity as a cause of disease, an unhappy sexual life with an inability to reach an orgasm or lacking in warmth and affection is also an important and frequent
sexual desire-6 cause of disease. this often causes deep unhappiness or anxiety which become causes of disease in themselves.
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