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Maniac magee

free from error especially as a result of care Accurate
to move unsteadily or confusedly Blundering
to pack tight Crammed
a conduction of civil unrest or insurrection Commotion
lift;raise hoisted
having a reputation of the worst kind:notoriously evil Infamous
to make a lunge:to move with or as if with a lunge Lunging
madman;lunatic Maniac
easily discovered,seen,or understood Obvious
a miserable person: one who is profoundly unhappy or in great misfortune Wretch
rolling or pitching suddenly Lurching
struck back in fear Cringed
winced; recoiled Flinched
end results Conclusions
powerful motivations or impulses Instincts
uproar; confusion Pandemonium
deadly Fatal
wrinkling the forehead in anger Scowling
choosy; fussy Finicky
looked over quickly Scanned
number symbols Digits
to shake with slight movement Quiver
ended Expired
to force open or up Pry
came together Converged
empty Vacant
easily understood Apparently
parallel bars for blocking an opening Grates
aloneness Solitude
hung loosely Dangled
speaking in a violent manner Ranting
developing or hatching Incubating
twisting and bending out of shape Contortions
one who is against the other Opponent
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