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Principals and Prati

GC Exam-Principals and Pratices of Commercial Construction

What is the bearing strength of bedrock? The bearing strength of bedrock is 100,000lbs
What is the bearing strength for different types of soils? Principals and Practices of Commercial Construction: Table page 4
What are the two most common types of truck mounted drilling rigs for obtaining soil samples? The Split Spoon and The Shelby Tube
Describe the Shelby Tube sampler? The Shelby Tube Sampler is a thin walled cylinder that is pressed down into the soil at the bottom of the test hole and used to obtain relatively undisturbed soil samples
What is a useful tool for obtaining soil samples at relatively shallow depths in soils that are cohesive enough to be retained in the tool while it is raised to the surface? Hand Auger
Why are test pits the best method of examining subsurface soil conditions? Test pits are best because they allow you to examine subsurface soil conditions Exactly as they exist
What is a disadvantage of the wash boring method for obtaining soil samples? The wash boring method uses water and the samples are in the form of mud, consequently a particular stratum may not be detected at all
A penetrometer is used to? Penetrometer are used to determine the penetration resistance of soils
A point of known elevation is called a? A Benchmark is a known point of elevation
A point of reference usually given as an arbitrary point of reference is called a? A datum point is a reference point usually given as an arbitrary point of reference
What are the three basic types of surveying instruments? Builders level, Level transit and the Theodolite or Transit
A survey instrument that operates only on a horizontal plane is called a? Builders Level or Level
The laser level produces a laser beam that rotates and is useful as a reference point for? The installation of suspended ceilings, aligning concrete screeds and pouring concrete floors
In addition to turning on a level plane the level transit also? The level transit also tilts up or down 45 degrees
In addition to turning on a level plane the Theodolite or transit also? The Theodolite or transit also rotates 360 degrees in a vertical plane
The difference between rod readings at two different locations is the? elevation or grade
A backsite is? A backsite reading is the rod-reading of a known elevation and is thought of as a plus quantity
The subsequent readings taken after the backsite reading and are subtracted from the HI to obtain station elevations are called? Foresight Readings, foresight readings are thought of as minus quantites
Station elevations are obtained by? Station elevations are obtained by subtracting the foresight reading from the HI
HI or height of instrument is obtained by? HI is obtained by adding the known elevation from the backsite reading
Grade lines are expressed as? Grade Lines are usually expressed as the number of feet of rise per 100 feet of length and are usually expressed as a percent. i.e. .4 percent grade is a determined by multiplying the percent of grade by the know elevation.
How do you determine a .4 percent grade? .04 x 100 = 4 percent
What is the soil swell percentage of different types of soil? Principals and Practices of Commercial Construction: Table page 70
Soil in its undisturbed state or bank state has a volume termed its? Bank Cubic Yard
What are the two basic types of cranes used on the construction site? The stationary crane and the mobile crane
What is a advantage of tower cranes over mobile cranes? The cab of a tower crane is placed at the top of the tower providing the operator an unobstructed view of the construction site
A Gantry is used to? A gantry is used to provide better boom support for cranes
What factors are considered when choosing excavation equipment? The volume of material to be removed, the distance from the excavation to the spoil bank, the type of soil to be excavated, site conditions, time allowed for job completion and the contract price
What is the shrinkage factor for clay? .8
How do you determine the production rates of equipment? Principals and Practices of Commercial Construction: Table page 92
How do you determine the shovel handling capacity for shovel dipper sizes? Principals and Practices of Commercial Construction: Table page 92
A 30% grade of dynamite contains how much nitroglycerin? 30%
A 60% grade of dynamite contains how much nitroglycerin? 60%
Is a 60% grade of dynamite twice as strong as a 30% grade? No it is only about 1 1
What is the average compressive bearing values for graver soils? between 5 and 6 tons
What are 2 advantages of using wood piles? Wood piles have and indefinite life expectancy when placed underwater , Wood piles have greater skin friction than most other materials
What is the building code requirements for the spacing of grouped piles? a center to center spacing of 2’6” to 5’ with the latter being less desirable
What is a permanent structure used for protection while excavating and is typically made of concrete? Caisson
What is a temporary boxlike structure that is used to hold back water or eater during excavation and is later removed? Cofferdam
What is the unit mass-load rate of concrete against formwork? 150 lbs cf
What is the minimum total load estimate for concrete and equipment according to the ACI? 100psf
What is the minimum total load estimate for concrete and equipment if power buggies are used according to the ACI? 125psf
What is the minimum wind force load calculated for wall forms? 15psf
In wall forms what keeps the forms aligned and supports the studs? Wales
What determines the amount of shoring required for partially cured slabs? The strength of the partially cured slab, the amount of load to be transferred to each slab and the rate of advance that the contractor wishes to achieve will determine the amount of shoring required for that slab
What is a flying form? A flying form is a form that is readily moved from one location to another in its complete form
What steps are involved in flying a form? Rolling it out of a bay, Suspending it until it clears the bay, closing it into the new bay and guiding it into the new bay
A slump test is performed by filling a cone in 3 equal layers and tamping (Roding) each layer 25 times. How many tamps does it take to perform a slump test? 75
How much mixing water can be placed in the drum before the dry concrete materials are added? Approximately 10%
What sizes do transit mix trucks come in? Transit mix trucks come with 1 to 12 cy drums.
How many revolutions are required of the drum blades for missing before placement? Not less than 50 or more than 100 rotations of the drum blades are required at the prescribed rate of rotation before the concrete can be placed.
How is the compacting or consolidation of concrete performed? The consolidation of concrete is performed by the use of pudding spades or vibrators
Laminated timbers are widely recognized as being the among the finest permanent structural materials Laminated timbers are widely recognized as being the among the finest permanent structural materials
Casein glue is satisfactory for laminated beams under the following conditions? when laminated beams are protected from appreciable amounts of moisture and relatively high humidity Casein glue is satisfactory
When laminated beams are immersed in water, subjected to intermittent wetting and drying, exposed to the elements or used in buildings where high humidity will be encountered what kind of adhesives are required? Phenol, resorcinol, or melamine resin glues are required under these conditions.
Walls that carry no loads except wind loads are called? Curtain Walls are wall that carry no loads except wind loads
A technique for producing precast wall panels for one or two story buildings is called? Tilt-up construction
In preengineered metal buildings rod bracing provides? Longitudinal stability is provided by rod bracing in preengineered metal buildings
What types of bolts are usually specified? A307, A325, A490
A standard unfinished bolt of relatively low strength and is used in temporary and secondary type connections is the? A307
A high strength bolt that is the most common bolt used in construction is the? A325
The which bolt is made of an alloy steel and has a higher strength than the A325? The A490 is stronger than the A325
What are the two types of bolted connections used in structural steel connections? Bearing type and friction type are the two types of bolted connections used in structural steel connections
What are the two most often used types of field welds used? the fillet weld and the groove or butt weld are the two most common types of field welds
How are base plates set over anchor bolts raised to the correct elevation? Shim packs are used to raise base plates to the correct elevation
What sizes do shim packs come in? Shim packs are 3” to 4” metal squares that come in 1
What must happen to bearing plates once they have been set and aligned? Bearing plates must be Grouted once they have been set and aligned
What are the three ways of applying the required force when tightening nuts? pneumatic wrench with a clutch set at the right torque, a torque wrench, and the use of load indicator washers
Should steel erection be attempted on rainy days? Never, steel is extremely slippery when wet
Straight-leg pans are supported by nails them to the sides of the joists with? Double Headed Nails
Two types of floor topping can be made with epoxy resin Two types of floor topping can be made with epoxy resin
Due to the pot life epoxy resins should only be mixed in? 100lb batches
The minimum width of cavity in a cavity wall is? 2” is the minimum width of the cavity in a cavity wall
Noncombustible materials used for fireproofing include? Concrete, asbestos cement, gypsum plaster, and natural rock such as slate, sandstone and marble
Combustible materials are those that contain or are formulated from? Animal or vegetable matter
Materials used for the fireproofing or protection of structural steel framing include? Regular and lightweight concrete, cellular concrete, gypsum wall board and plaster, and sprayed on mineral wool
Optimal thermal efficiency in buildings is obtained through the use of? Insulation, air vapor retarder, air barrier along with the use of mechanical equipment to control humidity and air pressures is the optimal thermal efficiency is obtained in buildings
T or F : The wide brush approach to building envelope is used in construction? False, the wide brush approach is considered inadequate. This became evident through hard experience
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