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What genus is associated with the spirochetes involved in lyme disease? Borrelia
What is another name for Lyme disease? Lyme borreliosis
What is the etiological agent for lyme disease? Borrelia burgdorferi
What symptoms are associated with the early stage of lyme disease? headache, fever, myalgia, arthralgia, fatigue, annular erythema at bite site
What is the annular erythema associated with lyme disease? A bulls eye rash
What symptoms are associated with late stages of lyme disease? arthritis, cardiac and neurological manifestations
What is the vector for lyme disease? Ixodes ticks
How is lyme disease detected in laboratory? May be cultured, usually via immunoassay
How soon is antibody detected with lyme disease? around 10 days
How soon should a tick be removed to reduce risk of infection? 36 hours
What is the etiological agent associated with syphilis? Treponema pallidum
What is caused by treponema pallidum? syphilis
What symptom is associated with the primary stage of syphilis? chancre
What symptoms are associated with the secondary stage of syphilis? fever, lymphadenopathy, rash
What symptoms are associated with the tertiary stage of syphilis? granulomas in the skin, bones, liver, and heart
What is another name for granulomas? gummas
How is syphilis diagnosed in the laboratory? Darkfield microscopy of chancre cannot be cultured in vitro laboratory dx primarily via serology
What kind of microscopy is used to detect syphilis? darkfield
What does RPR stand for? Rapid plasma regin
What does a RPR for non-treponemal test do? detects reagin antibody
What kind of assay is the non-treponemal RPR? flocculation assay
What antigen is used in the flocculation assay for the non-treponemal RPR? cardiolipin
The RPR is used in syphilis testing as? a screener
What does FTA-ABS stand for? fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed
What does the FTA-ABS do? It is a treponemal test that detects antibody to T. pallidum
How does the FTA-ABS work? Indirect immunofluorescent assay using treponemes as antigen
The FTA-ABS is used in syphilis testing as? Confirmatory
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