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~maniac magee~

mamiac magee

a miserable; unfortunate person wretch
lifted hoisted
moving forward suddenly lunging
disturbance commotion
a person who has extra enthusiasm or desire maniac
crowded; packed crammed
exactly correct accurate
rolling or pitching suddenly LURCHING
winced; recoiled flinched
shrunk back in fear cringed
end results conclutions
powerful motivations or impulses instincts
deadly fatal
wrinkling the forehead in anger scowling
choosy; fussy fincky
looked over quickly scanned
number symbols digets
to shake with a slight movement quiver
ended expired
easily understood apparently
empty vancant
came together converged
to force open or up pry
parallel bars for blocking an opening grates
aloneness solitude
to hang loosely and usually so to be able to swing freely dangled
to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner ranting
to maintain under conditions favorable for hatching, development, or reation incubation
to twist in a violent maner contortions
one that takes an opposite position opponent
obsolete cunning
and act or power of foreseeing foresight
a protective screen of warships or fighter planes or a single ship or plane used to fend off enemy attack from one or more vulnerable craft escort
Created by: mohlemacher