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Maniac Magee mh

running away from home

blundering or tripping blundering
correct or right accurate
easy to see,understand, or discover obvious
to thrust or propel lunging
an insane person maniac
a miserable person wretch
to have a reputation of the worst kind infamous
to be lifted upwards hoisted
noisy confusion commotion
squeezed together tightly crammed
deadly fatal
choosy, fussy finicky
looked over quickly scanned
wrinkling the forehead in anger scowling
powerful motivations or impulses instincts
end results conclusions
winced; recoiled flinched
rolling or pitching suddenly lurching
shrunk back in fear cringed
parrellel bars for blocking an opening grates
came together converged
aloness solitude
to force open or up pry
easily understood apparently
ended expired
empty vacant
# symbols digits
far-fetched preposterous
complete weariness exhaustion
followers trying to overtake; chasers pursuers
gigantic; enormous mammoth
weakened; faded languished
went in spite of risk ventured
unwilling reluctant
indifferent to pleasure or pain stoic
a room or closet to store food pantry
delicate ornamental work filigreed
an expression of admiration compliments
to move with action prompt
to react with astonishment dumbfounded
new rookie
poor condition sleazy
sprinkled or streaked with gray grizzled
unstable rickety
complain; grumble grouse
stopped halted
enthusiasm exuberance
given a safe place to stay sanctuaried
revenge reprisals
overjoyed ecstatic
ridiculous ludicrous
to get by threats extort
disorderly chaotic
dependability stability
to bear with tolerance endure
unspecified vague
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