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How many countries is leprosy endemic in? 24
What is the etiological agent for leprosy? Mycobacterium laprae
What is another name for leprosy? Hansen's disease
Who does MAC affect? AIDs patients and those that are immunocompromised
What does MAC stand for? Mycobacterium avium complex
What kinds of infections can be associated with NTM and MOTT mycobacteria? Wound infections, abscesses, skin ulcers, pulmonary disease, GI disease, and lymphadenitis
What does NTM mean? Non-tuberculosis mycobacteria
What does MOTT mean? Mycobacteria other than tuberculosis
When was Waverly Hills a TB hospital? 1910-1961
What does a positive sputum smear in TB equate? Infectivity-communicability
What color will TB stain? Red-which is the primary stain
What does AFB stand for? Acid fast bacteria
In the acid fast stain, what are the primary, decolorizer, and counter stains? Primary-Carbolfuchsin-Red Decolorizor-3% HCl in ethanol Counter Stain-methylene blue or brillant green
What is another name for acid fast staining? Kinyoun Stain
What kind of culture medium should be used for TB? Egg based Serum Based Slow Growth
What are egg based growth media? Lowenstein-Jensen Petragnoni ATS
What is a serum based media? Middlebrook
What kind of smear should be done to detect TB? Acid fast stain
What happens during the concentration portion of the processing of TB? Increase Recovery
What happens during the digestive stage of TB processing? Liquification
What is done in the decontamination step of TB processing? Decontamination of Normal Flora
What are the steps of processing a TB specimen? Decontamination Digestion Concentration
How is TB detected? Mantoux PPD skin test
What does PPD stand for? Purified protein derivative
What specimen do you use to diagnose TB? Expectorated Sputum
What is an alternative way to collect a specimen for TB? Gastric Lavage
What are extrapulmonary diseases related to TB? splen, liver, bone marrow, kidneys, adrenal gland, eyes
What symptoms are associated with a primary infection of TB? fever, dyspnea, chest pain, cough, night sweats, chills, fatigue, anorexia, weight loss
How is TB transmitted? Airborne
What is the TB etiological agent? Mycobacterium tuberculosis
When is world TB day? March 24th
How many die from TB daily? 5000
how many people does one actively infected TB patient infect per year? 10-15
How many people will develop the active TB disease? 1 in 10
How many people are infected with TB? 2 Billion
What are the primary pathogenic mycobacteria species? M. tuberculosis M. Bovis M. Ulcerans M. Leprae M. Kansaii M. Marinum
What are the characteristics of mycobacteria? Strict aerobes slow growth Don't gram stain several opportunistic species
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