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Prologue Characters

Canterbury Tale's Character Descriptions

The Knight *Chaucer Admires* -chivalrous -good at fighting -focused on being a knight (doesn't focus on appearance) -sits at the head of the table -humble&smart -basically perfect
The Squire *Chaucer Admires* -knight's son -"lusty bachelor"--> but still knows his place during the day&&does his job well -courteous&humble like his father -20 years old -hobbies: sing, dance, joust, play flute, sketch&write
The Yeoman *Chaucer Criticizes (entertaining)* -accompanies the squire&knight -no servants, he chose to travel -clothes:green coat&hood and bow&arrow-*very focused on appearance* -"a forester he truly was, I guess" --> not really because his focus was off
The Prioress *Criticizes(entertaining)* -nun -*focus is off/not on God-counterfeit* -clean&neat--> *tries to seem proper* -pleasant&charitable -should worry about lepors not cry over mice -golden broach says love (not God) conquers all -*good-could be better*
The Monk *criticizes (corrupt)* -fat&bald -clothes: sleeves with fine grey fur, wears a gold pin (luxurious/fancy) -"loved his venery" -did not follow the strict monk rules at all
The Friar *Criticizes(corrupt)* -gossips -takes bribes -partier(partying while he should be helping the poor -virtuous and humble in men's eyes-->crowd pleaser -he'd give easy/little penance during confession knowing he'd get money out of it: bad&impulsive
The Merchant *criticizes(corrupt?) -had a forked beard like the devil -
The Monk *criticizes (corrupt)* -fat&bald -clothes: sleeves with fine grey fur, wears a gold pin (luxurious/fancy) -"loved his venery" -did not follow the strict monk rules at all
The Friar *Criticizes(corrupt)* -gossips - *takes bribes* -*partier*(partying instead of helping the poor -virtuous and humble in men's eyes-->*crowd pleaser* -he'd give easy/little penance during confession knowing he'd get money out of it: bad&impulsive
The Merchant *criticizes(corrupt?) -had a forked beard like the devil -very boastful&pompous -wore fancy clothes -*secretly in debt*
The Clerk *Admires* -studious& knowledgeable -preferred books over luxury -liked to learn&teach -moral&virtuous -good sense
The Lawyer *crticizes (entertaining?) -like the stereotypical lawyer today:greedy&busy -Fake: Talk in lawyer talk->nobody would know if it’s right or wrong -"wary and wise"
The Franklin *criticizes(entertaining?)* -his table was always ready with food&wine -"a full delight/was true felicity, perfect, and right" -"often acted as a knight or shire"
The Haberdasher, Carpenter, Weaver, Dyer, and Arras-Maker *criticizes* -skilled workers -social status: not the lowest but pretty low -appearance mattered -proud that they went to Church -social climbers
The Cook *criticized(entertaining)* -a good cook -has some gross sore on his leg - "for sweet blanc-mange (a type of white pudding)he made it with best" --> puts his nasty sore puss in his pudding?
The Sailor/Shipman *criticizes* -good sailor (knows the seas&stuff) -stole wine fromt he trader while the trader slept -"nice conscience was a thing he never kept" -clumsily dressed
The Physician *criticizes* -based his diagnosis off of astronomy and superstition -not religious/spiritual -"loved he gold exceeding all"
The Wife of Bath *criticizes* -5 husbands (1-3 were good-old and rich, 4 cheated on her, 5 was her favorite but he was abusive) -lustful -manipulative -uses the Bible to defend her actions and provide evidence that her actions are not immoral
The Parson -"a good man of religion" -poor -"rich he was in holy thought and work" -denounces the other 'religious' men for their inappropriate&immoral behavior -holy&virtuous
The Plowman *admires* -Parson's brother -lived in peace&charity -loved God -hard worker -payed his taxes fully&fairly
The Miller *criticizes* -strong&hardy man -broad&large with a red beard -"he could steal corn and full thrice charged his fees"(he stole corn& sold it)
The Manciple *criticizes* -vulgar -uneducated but still witty&smarter than many
The Reeve *criticizes(corrupt)* -"knew well his cunning&deceit" -stole from his lord -*hypocrite*: shrewd when it came to work(never let any employees steal from the lord) but he stole from him (Chaucer hates hypocrites)
The Summoner *Criticizes* -brings violators of churchlaw to court -scarred from leprosy -loved drinking wine -said random Latin phrases to sound smart ("questio quid juris" i question which laws apply) -"some good fellow to have his concubine"-lecherous -irritable
The Pardoner *criticizes(corrupt)* -sold relics&lied about their abilities -told stories with a moral -sold indulgences -would do anything for money -fraud -cheat people for money
Tabard Inn where the characters stay one night during their pilgramage
Harry Bailey Owner of the Tabard Inn -tells everyone to tell two stories
Frame A story within a story
The year Geoffrey Chaucer was born 1340
Array clothes that helps you to know a person's role in society
Satire poking fun/criticizing people in hopes of change for the better
The Retraction at the end of the book Chaucer takes back everything he says -worried about going to heaven and being judged by God in the end -asks for forgiveness -does he use it as an advertisement or does he really want forgiveness?
Husbands #1-3 (wife of bath) - good -old&rich -she would always blame/accuse her husband but she would be the one doing everything wrong -whipped
Husband #4 (wife of bath) -cheats on her -she beats him at his own game (she didnt physically cheat on him but had 'an emotional affair') -died quickly
Husband #5 -abusive -great in bed -she loved him most of all -gave his love to her sparingly -met him when he left oxford and he boarded with her best friend Alison -lured him by saying she had a dream about him with lots of blood-->if he be with her he'd be rich
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