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Clinical chem

clinical chem endocrinology

T or F? Major warning signs of adrenal disease include abnormal BP, abnormal K, acid-base, urine dilution and unexplained weight change. true
The two main sites of production of heme are: Liver and bone marrow
A 34 yr old women presents with goiter, tachycardia and weight loss of 2 month duration. TSH is undetectable and free T4 is high. What tests are helpful in diagnosing the cause of hypothyroidism? TSH, TSH receptor antibodies, and RAIU
The two main classes of porphyrias, according to symptoms are: Neurological and cutaneous
The two main sites in the body for accumulation of excess porphyrins are: Liver and the bone marrow
Polarographic methods of glucose assay are based on which principle? Rate of oxygen depletion measured
Serum or plasma myoglobin levels are used as: An early marker of acute myocardial infraction
Inherited disorders in which a genetic defect causes abnormalities in rate and quantity of synthesis of structurally normal polypeptide chains of the hemoglobin molecules are called thalassemias
Estrogen influences the secretion of which hormones? Growth hormone, prolactin, and Luteinizing hormone
increased intervascular hemolysis is indicated by a decrease in: Haptoglobin
Characteristics of Gierke disease: increased plasma lactate, hypoglycemia, and subnormal response to epinephrine
Primary route(s) of excretion for protoporphyrin (PROTO), uroprophyrin (URO), and coproporphyrin (COPRO) are: URO excreted primarily in urine, PROTO in the feces and CORPRO in either
The relationship between precursors in yhe heme synthesis pathway and the type of porphyria resulting from excess buildup of these precursors is: excess of early precursors causes neurological porphyrias and excess of late precursors causes cutaneous porphyrias
The biologically most active, naturally occurring androgen is: Dehydroepiandrosterone
the definitive suppression test to prove autonomous production of growth hormone is: Oral glucose loading
What is responsible for epinephrine production cortisol
Secondary porphyrias not due to an inherited biochemical defect in heme synthesis can be distinguished from true porphyrias by measuring levels of: Urinary ALA and PBG
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