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Photoshop Session 1

NLISD Learnkey-Photoshop Session 1

Interpolation The estimation of a value, in color of pixels, between two known values. Interpolation is used when changing the resolution of an image.
Inverse Selection A Selection option which allows the user to select the background of an image, then use that selection to create a new selection in the inverse space.
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is an image file format which supports millions of colors and works best with photographs and other images with continuous tones.
Lasso A Photoshop tool which allows the user to make a selection within an image.
Layer A segment of an image document which is separated from other segments for isolated editing.
Layer Composition A feature which allows a user to group together certain combinations of layers on an image and save them.
Layer Style A series of settings that can be applied to a layer in an image and saved for easy application to multiple layers in the future.
Magic Wand A Photoshop tool which selects an area based on similarly colored pixels, and may be adjusted for color tolerance.
Quick Mask A Photoshop feature which allows the user to adjust a selection using brush tools.
Refine edge A Photoshop option which may be used to modify the edges of a user-created selection.
Transform A Photoshop tool which gives the user the ability to skew, distort, or change the size of an image or selection.
Workspace The layout of panels and tool boxes in the Photoshop application which may be arranged and saved by the user.
Zoom A Photoshop tool which allows the user to view close-up details of an image.
Created by: jenjones