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Night Vocabulary1

Night 1 Vocabulary

bestial like a beast or animal
blandishments something used to coax
compatriots fellow countrymen
crucible container for cooking at high heat
edict official statement; law
emaciated marked by abnormal thinness caused by starvation or disease
expound to set forth in detail
firmament the sky, or heavens
hermetically completely sealed; airtight
leprous showing signs of leprosy, which is an infectious disease that affects body tissue
manacle to handcuff
pestilential filled with disease; contagious
phylacteries small boxes containing scripture; worn by some Jewish men for daily prayer
pillage to rob with open violence
premonition anticipation of an event, usually negative, even without actual warning
truncheon a police officer’s stick
queue waiting line
wizened dry, shrunken, wrinkled
Created by: HTCEnglish10