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Oedipus Rex questions reviewing for term1 English final

why did the people not seek out Laius' murderer? they were preoccupied with the threat of the sphinx
what was Thebes experiencing at the beginning of the play? famine, disease, death, and starvation
what does Oedipus say would happen to the murderer if he were found in Oedipus' home? the murderer would be treated the same way if he were found in another house; he would be removed from Thebes by exile or death
who appeals to the gods? the chorus and Jokasta
why is it silly to accuse Creon of wanting to be king? Creon has all the influence and power of a king, being the queen's brother, without all the stress and decision making of being king
What is Oedipus looked at as at the beginning of the play? a father figure
What does Oedipus ask Creon to do for his daughters? take care of them
The messenger reveals that this person gave Oedipus to Polybos the messenger himself
Why is Oedipus concerned about Creon at the beginning of the play? Creon has been gone longer than expected
What does the old shepherd feel will happen to im if he tells the truth? he'll die
What does Oedipus say to make Terisias speak? Oedipus accused Terisias of being involved in Laius' death
What will Oedipus be king of, according to the priest, if Oedipus can't solve the town's problems? a desert
How'd Polybus die? illness and old age
What's the significance of Oedipus' response when hears Laius was killed by highway men? he hears highway man
What does the chorus say about Oedipus' possible motivation for killing Laius? the chorus knows of no quarrell between the two
What reason does Teresias give for coming to see Oedipus? Oedipus summoned him
What rumor does the chorus leader remind Oedipus of that Lauis was killed by certain travelers
What does Oedipus ask Creon to do for his sons? don't worry about them; they can take care of themselves
Teresias says this makes him strong the truth
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