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Othello study question for the final

How does Cassio greet Iago's wife when they enter the duke's house? with compliments and a kiss
What is Cassio most worried about after his punishment? the loss of his reputation
What does Iago swear to do to Othello & Desdemona's 'fine tuned' love? "I'll set down the pegs that make this music, as honest as I am"
Who is ordered to attend Desdemona on her journey to Cyprus? Iago and his wife Emilia
What does Cassio call himself after he has been punished for his brawl in the street of Cyprus? a beast
What does Emilia refer to when she says "it is a great price for a small vice"? the world and cheating
Who does Othello compare Cassio to when he sees Cassio fighting? the Turks
What does Roderego challenge Barbanto to do to prove his daugher is gone? check her room
What does Iago tell Roderego to do during the 1st night they are in Cyprus? pick a fight with Cassio
What is the duke discussing when he is 1st seen in the play? the Turks potential destination
What is the big event of Act 2 Scene 2 in honor of? the wedding of Othello and Desdemona and the Turks defeat
What does Desdemona say is not an excuse for her to behave badly? the bad behavior of men
How does Othello die? he stabs himself after he finds out Desdemona is innocent
How does Barbantio die? he died of a broken heart when Desdemona married Othello
Who killed Roderego? Iago
How does Desdemona die? Othello smothers her
Emilia says she would cheat if she could receive this the world
How does Iago create everyone's downfall? he helps people destroy themselves
What pattern is embroidered on the handkerchief? Strawberries
How is the Turkish fleet thwarted? by a storm
What rank does Cassio hold before Othello strips it from him? Lieutenant
Which of the following animal epithets is not applied to Othello during the play: ram, horse, serpent, ass? Serpent
How old is Iago? 28
What is "the beast with two backs"? two people having sex
What is Barbantio's position in Venice? Senator
Where does Iago tell Roderigo that Othello and Desdemona are sailing to from Cyprus? Mauritania
Who made the handkerchief that Othello in herited from his mother? a sibyl, or female prophet
What 1st attracted Desdemona to Othello? The stories he told about his past
What rank does Iago begrudgingly hold? Ensign
From whom did Desdemona first hear the "song of 'Willow'"? her mother's maid, Barbary
Which of the following epithets is most commonly applied to Iago throught the play: honest, fat, stubborn, ugly? honest
Whose death does Gratiano report in the final scene? Barbantio's
Which of Cassio's weaknesses does Iago exploit? a low tolerance for alcohol
Whom does Iago refer to as the true general? Desdemona
What, according to Iago, is the "green-eyed monster"? jealousy
Whom does Cassio wound in the drunken brawl of Act II, scene 3? Montano
With whom does Cassio dine the night he is stabbed? Bianca
What is Othello holding as he stands over the sleeping Desdemona? a light
Who is the first character to refer to Othello by name? the duke
According to Lodovico’s letter, who is to replace Othello as governor of Cyprus? Cassio
On the night of her death, what does Desdemona ask Emilia to do? put Desdemona's wedding sheets on the bed
What does Iago counsel Roderigo to do? "put money in thy purse"
What is Othello's tragic flaw? he trusts anyone who appears honest
Who says "Come, be a man. Drown thyself? Drown cats and blind puppies!" and who are they talking to? Iago is talking to Roderigo
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