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Inferno Test :)

here are some, uh, things about dante's inferno

Who is Paolo? he committe dadultery with brother's wife
the further down you go, the __________- the punishment worse
Who is Charon? the ferryman in hell
What is the last circle of hell? Cocytus
what does gaunt mean? thin
Who is Satan? he betrayed God and was frozen in the lst circle
Who is Beatrice? Dante's love
How do Virgil and Dante get out of hell? they climb down Satan
Who is Dante? the poet and main character of Inferno
What is imagery? use of words to create vivid pictures inisde the mind of reason
what does tremulous mean? shake, quiver, fearful, or timid
the second circle is for the carnal. What sins did these people commit? adultery
who is Francesca? committed adultery with Paolo, her husband's brother
What is an allegory? a story being used to represent a larger idea about life
Who are Cassius and Brutus? They tried to kill Caesar and were chewed by Satan
What does swoon mean? to faint
What is putrid? rotten or morally corrupt
What does Satan having three faces symbolize? the trinity, like an evil version of God
What does ravening mean? to feed greedily
How are the lustful punished? they are continally swept by strong winds
How old is Dante? 35
Who is Virgil? he's a symbol of human reason
The first circle is called limbo. What exactly is limbo? waiting place for people who aren't religious
What's written above the gates of hell? Abandon all hope
Who are opportunists? people who are self absorbed and are now being eaten
What's the name of the second circle? The Carnal
Judas is frozen in... Judecca
what is Judecca? a level at the very bottom of hell
What have people in the last circle done? killed family members, masters, or benefactors
What does the dark forest symbolize? being trapped in sin
What does the journey through hell symbolize? that people must go through a difficult process to achieve redemption
What does Charon symbolize? the barriers a person faces in a journey for redemption
Created by: 4minutesofpapaya



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