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Fire Point Review

Location/Function of Fire Points

HT 2 QingLing - elbow flexed - 3 cun above medial end of transverse cubital crease - in the groove medial to m. biceps brachii pain in the cardiac region/shoulder/arm
HT 3 ShaoHai - HE SEA - elbow flexed - midpt of line connecting medial end of cubital crease and medial epicondyle of humerus HE SEA - cardiac pain/numbness hand/arm - tremor of hand, scrofula - axilla/hypochondriac pain
HT 4 LingDao - JING RIVER - palm up - radial side of M. flexor carpi ulnaris - 1.5 cun above transverse crease of wrist JING RIVER - cardiac pain - spasm of elbow/arm - sudden loss of voice
HT 5 TongLi - LUO CONNECTING - palm up - radial side of tendon m. flexor carpi ulnaris - 1 cun above transverse crease of wrist LUO CONNECTING - palps, dizzy, blurred vision, sore throat, sudden loss of voice - APHASIA w/stiff tongue - pain wrist/elbow
HT 6 YinXi - XI CLEFT - palm up - radial side of tendon m. flexor carpi ulnaris - 0.5 cun above transverse crease of wrist XI CLEFT - cardiac pain, hysteria - NIGHT SWEATS - hemoptysis, epistaxis - sudden loss of voice
HT 7 ShenMen - SHU STREAM, YUAN - ulnar end transverse crease of wrist - depression on radial side of tendon m. flexor carpi ulnaris SHU STREAM, YUAN - cardiac pain, irritable, palps, hysteria, epilepsy, dementia - feverish palms - yellow sclera
HT 8 ShaoFu - YING SPRING - palm up - btw 4th/5th metacarpal bones when fist is made @ pt where little finger rests YING SPRING - palps, chest pain - little finger spasm, feverish palms - ENURESIS, DYSURIA, PRURITUS EXTERNAL GENITALIA
HT 9 ShaoChong - JING WELL - radial side little finger - 0.1 cun from corner of nail JING WELL - cardiac pain, palps - MANIA - FEBRILE DISEASE - LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS
SI 1 Shaoze - JING WELL - dorsal side little finger - ulnar aspect of the nail - 0.1 cun from the corner of the nail JING WELL - Metal - Clears heat from head/HA/dizzy/visual obstruction/red eyes/nosebleed/deaf/tinnitus/restores consciousness/lactation
SI 2 QianGu - YING SPRING - Water - ulnar border of the little finger, in the depression distal to the metacarpo-phylangeal joint QianGu - YING SPRING - Water - Clears Heat/swelling - mumps/neck/cheak to ear/throat/eye pain w/tearing/ red eyes/nasal congestion/nosebleed/tinnitus
SI 3 HouXi - SHU STREAM - Wood - Confluent pt of DU - ulnar border of the hand - depression proximal to the head of the fifth metacarpal bone HouXi - SHU STREAM - Wood - Confluent pt of DU - occiput/neck/back - malaria - calms shen/epilepsy - sensory orifices
SI 4 WanGu - YUAN SOURCE - ulnar border of the hand - depression btw fifth metacarpal bone and the triquetral bone WanGu - YUAN SOURCE - #1 JAUNDICE - fingers/wrist/elbow/shoulder/neck - loss of taste/submandibular/throat/tinnitis/lacrimation
SI 5 YangGu - JING RIVER - Fire - ulnar border of wrist, in the depression btw head of ulna and the triquetral bone YangGu - JING RIVER - Fire - neck/submandibular/lockjaw/toothache/tinnitus/deafness/visual dizzy/eye pain/red/swelling
SI 6 YangLao - XI CLEFT - put your finger on pt's radial side of styloid process & have pt rotate arm to chest, your finger will land in the depression YangLao - XI CLEFT - Shoulder/arm acute conditions - lumbar pain/foot pain - def. eye disorders/blurred vision
SI 7 ZhiZheng - LUO PT - line connecting SI 5 and SI 8, 5 cun proximal to SI 5 in the groove btw the anterior border of the ulna and the muscle belly of flexor carpi ulnaris ZhiZheng - LUO PT - Heart/Spirit - fever/febrile disease - Cold shivering/fever w/desire to drink - head/eyes - hand/finger pain - inability to make a fist
SI 8 Sof olecranon process of the ulna and the tip of the medial epicondyle of the humerus XiaoHai - HE SEA - Earth - swelling of throat/cheek/gums/elbow/axilla - toothache/dizzy/HA/deaf
SI 9 JianZhen - posterior aspect of shoulder, 1 cune superior to the psterior axillary crease when arm hangs adducted JianZhen - Wind - shoulder/scapula/upper arm
HT 1 JiQuan - arm is abducted - center of axilla - medial side of AA arthritis of shoulder (cold pain of elbow/arm) - dry throat
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