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Patho Mid Term

Atherosclerosis effects? Med and Large arteries
Atherosclerosis does? Changes the size in lumen whcih makes the artery smaller in width, therefore impedes blood perfusion->ischemia-> MI, STROKE, PVD (33% of deaths)
What is a Atheroma? Intravascular Lesion
Pathogenesis of ATHEROSCLEROSIS -Insidious origin-Subtle endotheliual injury from risk factors-Inflammation (C-R Protein). -Monocyte and other inflm cells bind to endothelium -Monocytes enter the intima(wall of vessel)-become macrophages-release free radicals & growth hormones
Pathogenesis of ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2 -engulf lipids (=FOAM CELLS)- Poliferation of smooth muscle cells ( rapid dividing of SM cells) which takes up more space because they are moving into the intima -ATHEROMA FORMS!!!!! AND BLEEDING FROM BV LUMEN GOES INTO THE INTIMA
Hypertension Persistant High BP
What are the 4 Control systems for HTN 1. Arterial barorecptor 2.Regulation of fluid and volume 3.Rennin-Angiotensin Sytem 4.Vaso Autoregulation
What do the 4 Control Systems for HTN DO? Maintain BP
What does the Rennin- Angiotensin System do? Stimulates Angiotenson1- gives rise to Angiotenson 2.
Idiopathic Cant cure, Must manage
What are the 5 types of Hypertension Primary, Secondary, White coat, Malignant and Systolic HYPERTENSION
Primary HTN -Also called idiopathic (90% of patients) -Multifactorial (Kidney implicated)
Secondary HTN -Identifiable cause ( renal disease) 10 %
Cause of Systolic Hypertension Change is vessel compliance (d/t atherosclerosis) which means decreased elasticity which increases systolic but not diastolic
White coat hypertension Having a normal BP except for in a health care setting. WEIRD ?
Malignant Hypertension Sudden RISE in BP, DIASOLIC PRESSURE > 120! EMERGENCY!!!!!
PRIMARY HTN MANIFESTATIONS -no early symptoms -Later AM headaches, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, heart palpitations -Chronic organ damage
PRIMARY HTN TX -Keep healthy lifestyle -DASH diet (Dietary approach stop hypertension) -DRUGS
Drugs to treat PRIMARY HTN 1) DIURETIC ALONE 2)DIURETIC AND CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKER 3)Life style + diuretic + ACE INHIBITORS 4)Life style + diuretic + Beta blocker
Created by: tara morrison