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Rutiri-Entrep. Chap3

Return on Investment

Investors want to get more out of a project or ________________ than they put in. Business
The "extra" earned is ______________. profit
_____________, energy, or money put into a business is investment. Time
Investors use profit and ____________ to calculate return on investment. investment
Entrepreneurs usually calculate ROI as a ________________. percentage
_________________ means "part of every hundred." Percentage
Investment involves _____________. risk
Time, energy, or money invested can be ______________. lost
Risk/return relationship: higher risk should mean higher return. True
Risk and returns can be __________ in small business. high
Entrepreneurs cannot reduce a risk when it concerns business. False
Smaller investments can reduce a risk when it concerns business. True
Keeping cost low is another way of saying what? with sweat equity
Entrepreneurs do not set ROI goals. False
College education has a high ROI. True!
____________ give entrepreneurs financial and personal targets to aim for. Goals
Rule of __________: divide that number by return (or interest) rate = years needed to double an investment. 72
72 / 12% = what? 6 years to double a sum
72 / 3% = what? 24 years to double a sum
72 / 5% = what? 14.4 years to double a sum
72 / 7% = what? 10.28 years to double a sum
72 / 18% = what? 4 years to double a sum
72 / 24% = what? 3 years to double a sum
18 out of 100 pennies is what percent? 0.18
Investing your own time and money sweat equity
A person with a bachelor's degree will earn about a ______________ dollars more over a lifetime than someone who has only a high school diploma. million
To track your goals and know when you are achieving them, make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound) True
Created by: eva_rutiri