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Test 3

Units 1-3 pgs. 1-156

Who was the Polynesian youth who killed a shark, an octopus, and a wild boar? Mafatu
Nicky was a(n) what in "You've Got to Learn?" a dog
Who was the make-believe knight who fought the windmill? Don Quixote
"Look out how you use proud words" was from what story? Primer Lesson
"The Charge of the Light Brigade" was written by who? Alfred, Lord Tennyson
How did the king feel after the fool's prayer? humble
"I'm going to make good. I'm going to face the music! Because I'm an honest man" is from what story? "The Finger of God"
Who went to the Kruse family as hired help in "A Start in Life?" Daisy Switzer
What did little Noll give Prince Charlie? a bloody nose
To get the Czar away by himself, what form did the Angel take? form of a stag
How long did it take the Loisels to earn the money for the necklace? 10 years
In "Of Humble Submission," whom does God protect and deliver? the humble
What was the nickname for the younger Oliver Cromwell? Noll
"Harm not the urchin, for he has taught my son a good lesson, if Heaven do but give him grace to profit by it" is from what story? "Oliver Cromwell"
"Never again need he hang his head before hi people. He had fought the sea for life and won" is from what story? "Quest for Courage"
In "Primer Lessons," what is personified as wearing hard boots? proud words
"Daisy's homely mouth drooped at the corners. Her toothache did not seem to matter anyone." What story is this from? "A Start in Life"
Who wrote "The Necklace?" Guy de Maupassant
Who said, "Make way for liberty!"? Arnold Winkelried
What was the name of the boy who hid the Continental dispatch rider and rescued the papers under the horse's saddles? Nathan
Who wrote "The Fight with the Windmills?" Miguel de Cervantes
Who wrote "Primer Lesson?" Carl Sandburg
Who had no dresses, no jewels or anything to wear to the ball? Madame Loisel
Why did Miss Havisham want Pip to come to her house? To play for her amusement.
What did the proud Czar order the priest to do? Blot out part of scripture.
When Noll Cromwell was a boy, he fought with who? Prince Charles
What was the bakery really in "The Wind was Free?" headquarters for an underground paper
What was the surprise ending in "Lost on Dress Parade?" Miss Marian was a young heiress.
"Take this apple... It is most precious to me because it was given by a man who expected nothing in return" was from what story? "The Gift and the Giver"
A poor peddler is raised to the rank of "captain" in what story? "The Rat Trap"
A literary device in which two unlike things are compared, usually using the words like or as. Simile
An unexpectedturn of events at the end of a story. Surprise ending
The use of details to rpesent a truthful interpretation of life; characters are often presented in usual, routine or plausible situations. Realism
What did Daisy always complain about in "A Start in Life?" her tooth
On what day did Miss Havisham's relatives come to see her? Her birthday
Created by: Mrs. Howie



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