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BCLT 2-2

Hematocrit Determination

Special care must be taken when operating the microhematocrit centrifuge since the rpm is mre than _______ 10,000
Capillary blood for a microhematocrit should be collected in ______ tubes Heparinized
Conversion factor for converting hematocrit from percentage to SI units is _____ 0.01
Opaque or milky appearance of plasma in a spun hematocrit is known as ____________ High blood fat levels
Hematocrit value below normal is _____ 32%
Leukocytes Buffy coat
Packed cell volume is ______________ Microhematocrit
Non-Heparinized capillary tubes are ______________ Capillary blood
Child hematocrit level 38%
Adult female hematocrit level 42%
Adult male hematocrit level 47%
Newborn hematocrit level 56%
The layers of blood cells that form when a tube of whole blood is centrifuged are called the ___________________________ Packed cell column
A glass or plastic tube of very small diameter used for laboratory procedures is called a(n) _____________ Capillary tube
A commonly performed test that provides the clinician with an estimate of the patient's red cell volume and the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity is the _________ Hematocrit
The light-colored layer of leukocytes and platelets that forms on the top of the red blood cell layer when a sample of blood is centrifuged or allowed to stand undisturbed is called the ____________ Buffy coat
An instrument that spins capillary tubes at high speed is called a(n) _________________ Microhematocrit centrifuge
Another term used for hematocrit is _____________ Packed cell vloume
The normal reference value for hematocrit varies with the patient's ane and ___________ Gender
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