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BCLT 2-1

Introduction to Hematology

Blood circulation from the heart to the lungs where O2 is picked up by the blood and CO2 is relaesed is called Cardiopulmonary Circulation
Adult blood volume is approximately ______ Five liters
Thiick-walled, elastic, and muscular vessels are ______ Arteries
Blood has the function of __________ Regulating body temperature
A chemical that pervents blood coagulation is a(n) _________ Anticoagulant
A large blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the tissue is a(n) ______ Artery
A capillary is a minute blood vessel that connects the smallest arteries to the smallest ________ Veins
The hemoglobin formed when oxyhemoglobin releases oxygen to the tissues is __________ Deoxyhemoglobin
A condition in which the RBC count or hemoglobin level is decreased below normal is called _______ Anemia
An anticoagulant commonly used in hematology is ______ EDTA
The study of blood and blood-forming tissues is called ________ Hematology
The liquid portion of the blood in which the cellular elements are suspended is the _______ plasma
A white blood cell is also known as a(n) ________ Leukocyte
In adults, most blood cells are formed in the ________ Bone marrow
A leukocyte containing granules is ___________ Granulocyte
The major functional component of red blood cells is __________ Hemoglobin
The process of cell formation is Hemopoiesis
Involving unrestrained growth of leukocytes is __________ Leukemia
Blood vessel that carries blood fron the tissues to the heart is _____________ Vein
A formed element that plays an important role in blood coagulation is called a ____________ Platelet
Undifferentiated bone marrow cell that gives rise to blood cells is ____________ Hemopoietic stem cell
The form of hemoglobin that binds and transports oxygen is known as __________ Oxyhemoglobin
Blood cell that transports O2 to tissues and CO2 to the lungs is ____________ Erythrocyte
Source of platelets is ____________ Megakaryocyte
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