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Intro to Internet

Basic Network and internet vocab terms

E-mail "is electronic mail that sends and receives messages through a computer network. To use electronic mail a computer
Fiber Optic Cable contains thin strands of glass that carry light instead of electricity. Fiber optic cables carry information faster than standard network cables.
Firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a network.
Server is one central computer that stores the files and programs that can be accessed by computers connected to a network.
HTML is the coding used to write and format documents for publishing on the World Wide Web.
Home Page is the first web page the user sees when he enters a web site.
Internet a global network of networks
ISP provides Internet services to any connected user.
LAN is a series of two or more computers electronically connected usually within the same room or building.
WAN "is a network of computers that are electronically connected
World Wide Web is a collection of electronic pages accessed by using the Internet.
Web Site "is a location on the World Wide Web. It contains a homepage and may also contain additional web pages
Web Page "is a document on the World Wide Web that stores textual information
URL is an address for the Internet.
Telecommunications "is the process of sending and receiving information over a distance
Search Engine "A web site or web page on the Internet that allows users to find web sites
Network is a group of connected computers that allows people to share information and peripherals.
WLAN Wireless Local area network
PAN Personal area network (home network)
NIC Network interface card
twisted pair pairs of wire that are twisted together
coaxial network wire of a single copper core
fiber optic "plastic or glass wire that transmit light
P2P "network model where all PC's have the same role
client/server network model with one PC submits a request and another PC provides it
range maximum distance between access points
transfer speed speed at which an access point can send/receive data
access point device which collects wireless signals and sends them to the network
hotspot a location to connect to the Internet wirelessly
protocols a set of rules for communicating on a network
IP Internet protocol
internet protocol Universal addressing system for computers on the Internet
TCP transmission control protocol
transmission control protocol prepares data for communication on the Internet
bps bits per second
bandwidth maximum possible speed for transmitting on a network
broadband high speed communication
domain name unique name for identifying a network or Internet site on the Internet
TLD top level domain
top level domain identifies the kind of site a domain name is
edu education
mil military
gov governement
com commercial
net network of interests
org non-profit organization
W3C world wide web consortium
url uniform resource locator
hyperlink something to click to open a URL
Created by: melissagoodall