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English ST

Viewponts 11 short stories test

individuality adolescence self initiation
Childhood Loss adolescence personal changes Family Canada Crisis Moral questions the charmer
self childhood adolescence Family Carribian Journeys A walk to the jetty
self+culture Rebels Urban Life Civic respnsibility Intrigue Moral Questions Media Eye on future Science+technology the pedestrian
childhood personal challenge stereotypes family peers role models canada moral questions A cap for steve
BD(sharlene) 1-A walk to the jetty(Annie John) 1-The charmer(winnifred) 3-Initiation 3-a cap for steve 3-The pedestrian first or 3rd point of view?
-(mr.mead) -protagonist -Round -(police car)-Antagonist -static character - Flat character -man vs. society The pedestrian characters/conflict
-(Annie John) -Antagonist -Static(still lothes fam) -(Alexander) -Father -Antagonist -Static -Person vs self(annie) -person vs person(mother) A walk to the jetty characters/conflict
-(Millicent) -Protagonist -round -Dynamic -(Beverly) -Antagonist -Static -Round -(betsie johnson/louise) -static -person vs slef -person vs societ (fitting into societies stereotyps or b Initiation characters/conflict
November 2053 AD at night Setting for the pedestrian
-Annie John's House, the streets of Antique, and the Jetty Setting of the walk to the Jetty
-Month of October at Betsy Johnson's house (present) the school, Bev's house , and the drugstore(look back at the week) setting for Initiation
-Final day in Antigua -Forced to leave her town to become a nurse -recalls memories(good/bad) -conclusion to feelings towards rents/town Plot for A walk to the Jetty
-walks alone around at night(no1 goes outside anymore) -Mead confronted by police -only police car pulls him over(interrogates as if criminal) -Arrested(car is a machine) -sent to I of regressive Tendencies Plot for Pedestrian
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