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English creationmyth

English test stuff that I need to memorize on creation myths

Name several myths in which there is an all powerful creator. GENESIS, AFRICAN BUSHMEN, Apache, Egypt
Name a or some myths with a dual god Aztec, egypt
Which myths have the creation of rivers and terrains? tlingit, genesis, cherokee, norse and more
Whuch myths have the placement of the sun, moon, and stars? Norse ,Iroquoi, tlinget, genesis
Which myths talk about the seperation or creation of day and night? Genesis, Dreamtime Aborigine
Name atleast two myths where seven is an important number. Genesis, Cherokee, Muddle-Thick Chinese
How long did the lord create the world? 6 NOT 7
what is cosmology? The study of the universe
Which myths are sexest? Genesis, chinese
In which myths are the directions important? Cherokee, Apache, Aztec
Which myths have important birds? tlinget, Huron, Cherokee
Choose one myth that explains the topography or geography of the region. The buzzard in the Cherokee describes where the Cherokees lived is like.
Which myths mention the underworld? Cherokee, African Bushmen, aztec, Dreamtime Aboriginie, Norse.
In what myths is the sun important? Aboriginie (regular), INCA, Aztec
Which myth is your favorite and why? The tlingit myth is my favorite because even though it is very confusing, it is funny and random which made it enjoyable at times.
Which myths mention the end of the world? Aztec, Cherokee, Norse
Which myths have divine or evil and good gods? Inca, Apache, Huron, iroquoi, egypt
Which myths mention nocturnal animals? Cherokee, African Bushmen (ask about)
Which two myths have human beings misbehaving? Genesis, African Bushmen
Which myths have floating islands? cherokee, Huron, Iroquoi
Which myths have sky vaults? Cherokee, genesis?, chinese
what does fermament mean? Heaven or sky vault
Offer an explanation for the alterationof China. Because China is so big and other people could have different versions.
Which myth nick names the gods? Maori
In whych myths are trees important? iroquoi, Cherokee, genesis, Norse, African bushmen.
which two myths build the world on the back of a turtles back? Iroquoi, Huron
two myths that say the world is flat? Norse, Iroquoi, chinese
What do all origin tales have in common? creation
which myths have the creation of different humans? Tlinget, Chinese
which myths have animals making the world? tlinget, apache
Which myth sounds closest to the big bang? Why? Cherokee because when the big bang first happened humans could not inhabit it because there were many volcanoes and other things that made the Earth uninhabitable at the time. In the Cherokee myth once the Earth was first created nobody could go down on i
Which two myths sing the creations to life Apache and Aboriginie dreamtime
Created by: bub
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