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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of the Liver Points

Liver 13 Front Mu of Spleen
Liver 14 Front Mu of Liver
Liver 1; Jing-Well/Wood *hernia* moves Qi in genital region; menstrual bleeding from excess or deficiency; LV Qi stagnation and related depression; tinnitus
Liver 2; Ying-Spring/Fire *Main point for draining Liver fire*; Liver-fire headache; irritability; diziness, hysteria; insomia, irregular menstruation; dysmenorrhea; lower abdo pain; clears blood heat, dizziness, muscle cramps
Liver 3/Shu Stream/Yuan Main Point for *headache from LV Yang rising*; eye issues; menstrual issues from deficient Blood, Yin or Qi Stagnation; LV overacting on ST/SP; jaundice; problems due to LV Qi stagnation *vertigo*, *insomnia*
Liver 4; Jing-River spreads LV qi, hepatitis
Liver 5; Luo Point; Yin-Wei Genital issues esp. damp-heat esp. yellow green discharges; irregular menstruation; difficult urination; swelling of testicles. *genital itching*
Liver 6; Xi-Cleft Point acute hepatitis; channel/organ/genital pain
Liver 8; He-Sea/Water damp heat in lower jiao esp genitals causing itching and pain (for def type); nodules, cysts, and swellings in uterus and breasts; urinary retention
Liver 13; Front Mu of Spleen Harmonizes Spleen and Liver; abdo distention; constipation or diarrhea; *malabsorbtion of food, fatigue*
Liver 14; Front Mu of Liver spreads LV qi*: Main point for chest and rib pain; LV overacting on LU; emotional Liver imbalances; running piglet; Lv affects spleen; benefits the breast
Liver 13 hui meeting of zang
Which Pt is a MP for draining Liver Fire? LV 2
Which Point is a MP to move Qi in the genital area LV 1
Which Pt is a MP for uterine bleeding? LV1
Which Pt is a MP for headache due to LV Yang rising? LV 3
Which Pt is a MP for jaundice, damp heat in LV and GB? LV 3
Which Pt is an IP for irritability, insomnia? LV 3
Which PT is an IP for hepatitis, jaundice, flank pain and fullness? LV 3(MP); LV 4(IP); LV 6(GP)
Which pt is MP for chest and rib pain? LV 14
Which Pt is a MP for nodules, cysts, swellings,esp in uterus, ovaries and breasts? LV 8
Which PT clears damp heat in LW - LV 5 and LV 8 (more nourishing)
Which Pt is an IP for breast problems? LV 14
Which Pt is IP for eye problmes from excess or deficiency LV 3
Which PT is for all 5 types of urinary Lin LV 1
which PT is the most important pt on the liver channel LV 3
Which pt is a MP for menstraul disorders from def. or stagnation? LV 3
how many pts on LV? 14
Created by: nesaherbal