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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of the Extra Points

Sishencong Effective for treating any brain problems; HA; recovery from Stroke with memory issues; depression; poor development in children
Dangyang Local point for wind affecting the head and face
Yingtang MP for frontal HA; MP for nasal congestion; IIP for insomnia and anxiety
Yuyao Main local point for eyelid problems, frontal sinus pain; eye problems
Taiyang MP for HA esp. temporal and migrain; MP for eye problems
Erjian For high fever, red throat, red swollen eyes, mumps
Bitong local pt for nasal congestion
Biyan local pt for rhinitis
Jinjin, Yuye Aphasia following stroke, clears heat and reduces swelling in mouth and opens mouth and throat
Bailao IP for stiff neck and for fatigue
Anmian MP for insomnia
Xiongtang helps with the activity of Ren 17
Qipang Infertility due to cold; abdominal disorders
Liniao clears heat and promotes urination, stops diarrhea and helps with intestinal pain
Zigongxue MP for all uterus problems; menstrual problems; infertility; sexual function
Qimen Regulates menstruation, and promotes urination
Huatuojiaji- how many and where? 17 pairs; 0.5 cun lateral to spine
Huatuojiaji - what do they do? Good for pain for local problems
Dingchuan MP for asthma and good for stiff neck
Pigen Treats masses, lumps, tumours
Yaoyan Low back pain
Shiqizhui (Josen) MP for LBP at sacroiliac joint
Jianqian Local pt for shoulder pain
For shoulder pain which points would you use? Jianqian, LI 15 and TW 14
Erbai IP for hemorrhoids
Shixuan Restores consciousness
Sifeng Poor digestion and malabsorbtion in children
Baxie For pain, spasm, numbness of hand and fingers
Luozhen stiff neck, neck sprain, whiplash
Yaotongxue Acute low back pain, lumbar sprain
Longxuan toothache, gum problems, local arm pain
Heding IP for knee pain
Xiyan MP for all knee disorders
Dannang Xue acute cholecystitis, gallstones
Lanweixue appendicitis
NaoQing dizziness, poor memory
Shimian insomnia, racing thoughts
Bafeng Pain, swelling, numbness of feet
Duyin angina, chest, rib and abdo pain, menstrual problems, digestive stagnation
Neihuaijian tonsillitis, toothache, local ankle pain
Wai huai jian tooth problems, lateral ankle problems
Created by: nesaherbal