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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of the Triple Warmer Points

TW 1 For headache, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, tinnitus, deafness, stiff tongue, febrile diseases, irritability; For coma and stroke.
TW 2 For heat, pain and stagnation of the opposite end of the channel particularly the ears. For tinnitus, deafness, ear pain, inflammation and infection. Also clear heat from eyes, gums and teeth, for redness and swelling of eye. Good for fingers, hand etc
TW 3 *all types of ear problems*, esp. from LV, tinnitus; temporal headaches, shoulder a/or upper back pain; shaoyang stage illness; expel wind heat or wind cold
TW 4 dorsal wrist issues, sprains, pain; regulate water metabolism, dry mouth/throat, shaoyang shage illness; wasting/thirsting disorders, thirst, dry mouth
TW 5 headache; release the exterior, wind-cold, wind-heat; upper limb disorders, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand; shaoyang stage diseases, alternating fever and chills;
TW 5 yang wei master coupled w/GB 41 dai mai master
TW 6 constipation due to stagnation a/or heat; middle warmer, chest/rib pain, sudden turmoil disorder, vomiting & diarrhea; upper warmer, febrile disorders w/no sweating, eye/ear pain, inflammation
TW 10 tranform phlegm, epilepsy, lymph swellings; one-sided headaches, migraines; psycho-emotional issues, chest pain/oppression, palpitations, w/anxiety a/or depression
TW 17 IP for wind problems affecting the face, facial paralysis and Bell's Palsey; IP for *ear problems*: *tinnitus*, deafness, earache, dizziness
Which Pt is an IP for wind problems affecting the face TW 17
Which Pts are in IP for constipation? TW 6
Which PT is an IP for treating the chest and hypochondrium? TW 6
Which PT are MP for HA TW 5, TW 3 (IP)
Which PT are MP for disorders of the upper arm TW 5
Which is an IP for ear, eye and cheek TW 5
Which is an IP for lymphatic swellings of the neck? TW 10
Which Pts are IP for ear problems? TW3 and TW5, TW17, TW21
Which pt treats shao yang disorders? TW 3, 4, 5
Which Pts expel Wind cold or Wind Heat? TW 3 and TW5
which pt is the MP for regulating Wei Qi? TW 5
which pt is the MP for releasing Wind Cold (not a TW pt)? LI 4
which pt is the MP for releasing Wind Heat TW 5
which pt is the MP for dispersing wind and heat from the end of the TW channel? TW1
which pt is the MP for clearing just heat from the end of the TW channel? TW 2
sj 14 pain and motor impairment of shoulder
sj 21 ben. ears and hearing, clears wind heat TMJ
Created by: nesaherbal