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Rutiri-Dreamw Chap 1

Creating a Dreamweaver Web Page and Local Site

What is a powerful Web page authoring and Web site management software program with an HTML editor that is used to design, code, and create professional-looking Web pages. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
What is the number of pixels in the width and height of your screen (width X height). Screen Resolution
What is an integrated environment in which the Document window and panels are incorporated into one larger applications window. Dreamweaver Workspace
You work in the Document window in one of three views: Design view, code view, split view, live view
The __________ __________ allows quick access for frequently used commands. insert bar
The property inspector displays setting for the selected object's properties or ______________. attributes
The __________ ___________ below the Document window provides additional information about the document you are creating. tag selector
The __________ __________ displays the Dreamweaver menu names. menu bar
The general definition of a _________, or Web site, is a set of linked documents with shared attributes, such as related topics, a similar design, or a shared purpose. Site
A Dreamweaver Web sites begin with a what? local root folder
A ______________ also called a nested folder is a folder inside another folder. subfolder
One of Dreamweaver's more prominent organizational tools is the __________ __________. files panel
You create a site definition using DW's Site Definition dialog box. Two options are available: Basic or Advanced. The Basic method, or ________ _______ ________ guides you through sit setup step by step and takes you through a series of six screens. Site definition wizard
A _________ is the succession of folders that must be navigated to get from one folder to another. path
__________ help you measure, organize, and plan your layout. Rulers
The _______ _______ is the starting point for the rest or your Web site. home page
Each new Web page you create displays with a default white or gray background and other default properties. You can modify these default properties using the ________ _______ dialog box. page properties
To start a new single line without a blank line between lines of text requires a ________ ________. line break
____________ means to apply different fonts, change heading styles, insert special characters, and insert other such elements that enhance the appearance of the Web page. Formatting
The __________ __________ allows you to apply a Paragraph, Heading, or Preformatted style to the text. Format box
The ________ allows you to make selected text or other objects a hyperlink to a specified URL or Web page. Link
One way to group and organize information is by using lists. Web pages can have three types or lists? Ordered, unordered, and definition
Use the _________ __________ to select the colors for page elements or text. Color picker
Dreamweaver has an _____________ feature that lets you select colors and make perfect color matches. eyedropper
A ________ _________ __________ helps Web site visitors keep track of what they are viewing as they browse. Web page title
Does Dreamweaver contain a dictionary with American/British spelling options? Yes! page 91 in your book
Created by: eva_rutiri



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