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Old Testament:D

Old Testament of the Bible Charatcers (people)

Who was Abraham nephew that got captured, but later rescused? Lot
What are these evil cities that Abraham tried to presuade God(is where Lot lived)? Sodom and Gomorrah
When(age) did Sarah gave birth to Issac? Ninety-nine years old
Sarah envicted these 2 people out of their household and one of them were Abraham's concubine plus the other one is a child. Who were those two people? Hagar, the concubine, and her son Ishmael
Which cave did Abraham bought for his burial ground and his descendents? Cave of Machpela
Who are the "descendents" that were supposly bury at the cave that Abraham bought,Cave of Machpela? Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebeccah, and Jacob and Leah
Who is Abraham's son? Issac
Where was the place/mountain that Abraham tried to scarfice his son, Issac to God, when God was just only testing Abraham's faith in him. Mt. Moriah
Who did Issac's wife that gave birth to twins,Jacob and Esau,of whom Esau (the older one) was entitled to a birthright Rebeccah
Which son of Issac entitled the birthright? Esau
Which book in the bible that told lives of the patriarchs? Genesis
Which brother tricked the other brother to help his mom, Rebeccah? Jacob
Which people/group did Esau became father of after he and his brother became enemies and denied his birthright? Edomites
Where did he lived after he denied his birthright, but during he was the father of the Edmoties? Mt. Seir
Created by: xxchocolover